Late Night with Seth Meyers
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  • Junkkers
    Junkkers 18 days ago

    Thanks Seth for showing what Donald Trump and the oval office are doing. I know these videos are hard to the Trump supporters, but they should open their eyes when lying Trump is shown to them. Keep up the good job!

    DIEVAL LAVEID 19 days ago

    Blind leading the Blind!!

  • Ramzi Alsharif
    Ramzi Alsharif 21 день назад

  • Sarah Gill
    Sarah Gill 24 days ago

    Seth Meyers has always contradicted himself. First he said that Trump never really wanted to be president, then he said Trump was so desperate to be president that he had Russia help him. Which is it? If you can't get those facts straight then how can we believe anything you say?! My theory is Hillary asked Russia to help her cheat but it backfired when they instead ran ads for Trump.

  • NotMyName
    NotMyName 26 days ago

    Videos don't play with no script active. Booooo

  • imaginetheresno
    imaginetheresno months ago

    LOL ALL you nae sayers from months and years ago....HA HA  Seth Meyers IS alive AND doing very, VERY well !  Keep it comin' Seth!

  • gerro benny
    gerro benny months ago

    my wife and children were killed in new orleans in 1993 and a black man was made the patsy, this gave the new world order the first gun ban , want more stuff that can be fact checked go to for more.

  • Nadim Ghaznavi
    Nadim Ghaznavi months ago

    Why are there no recent episodes? The latest episode was uploaded October 12th and today is the 18th. What the heck is going on over there Seth?

  • Computer Fanatic420

  • Karen Rice-Leroux
    Karen Rice-Leroux months ago

    Love the show; never miss it.

  • Jim Barger
    Jim Barger months ago

    Seth--really? do you think any conservative needs to be told NOT to watch your show.  We don't!!

    • cor boet
      cor boet 28 days ago

      Barger, your stupidity is astounding (or you're a troll). Keep replying to someone you didn't watch/listen to...

    • Anshul Shukla
      Anshul Shukla 28 days ago

      yet you comment like a retard on his channel after having watched his video. DIMWIT.

  • Bettie Cannon
    Bettie Cannon months ago


  • Dan Darroch
    Dan Darroch months ago

    Here is what I don't understand...the WH is saying that anti-POTUS tweets from certain individuals (i.e...Jemele Hill) are "fireable offenses"...that their employers should fire them for voicing their personal opinions via Twitter b/c they somehow represent the employer? ...ok, wait a minute...who does the President work for again??? As his employer, I agree with the WH!! His relentless and ignorant tweets do not represent me therefore I am calling for his termination! The WH said it was a legitimate reason!! I say we move on that!

  • hello from me
    hello from me months ago

    Please, please, please can you put together a video of all Seth's imitations of Eric Trump? They're my FAVOURITE!

  • Xtoriez Novel
    Xtoriez Novel months ago

    Seth Meyers is so in love with the old think-inside-the-box government that when his car breaks down along the side of the road he doesn't call a tow truck or a family member, he calls his senator.

  • Adam Click
    Adam Click months ago

    Hey Late Night team for Youtube - Your videos are always very quiet. Like, half the volume of everything else on Youtube. It's annoying to have to adjust the sound levels on my system every time I visit your channel. Please put a little more work into standardizing your sound levels with the rest of the site.

  • Jack Palmer
    Jack Palmer months ago

    Seth, you are pathetic. You and the rest of you late night phonies. Colbert is the worst, and you are right on his heels. What a waste of electricity both of you are.

    • cor boet
      cor boet 28 days ago

      you think seth reads this? Comments people who have nothing better to do (apparently) made? He couldn't care less about people like you. As long as advertisers pay money because people watch the show, it's all good. Even you watch the shows, even when you don't like em... Who's pathetic again (and butthurt)?

  • Tiger Growl
    Tiger Growl months ago

    Jesus is the way, the truth, the light and no man will enter in the kingdom except by him. So what to do? The good news is he died on the cross to shed his precious blood for our sins. And if you wish to achieve the gift of life then admit to the Lord Jesus that you are a sinner. If you accept that as truth begin your life anew! Read the King James Version of the Bible everyday so that you can grow closer to the lord. Pray continually and ask for forgiveness continually for we are still human. Share the good news with others so that they may know the true joy of salvation. And above all have Faith! For those who have rejected this message I pray for you and love you and dont wait till its to late for the lord jesus is not willing that any should perish but that all should come to a repentance.

  • PlumbDrumb
    PlumbDrumb months ago

    Seth does his job better than anyone else does his job.

  • Ryan Oliver
    Ryan Oliver months ago

    Why is the volume so low? I don't know why I waited so long to ask but the next video I put on is invariably too loud.

  • david moore
    david moore 2 months ago

    he should know all about fake he is the most fake person on the planet

  • david moore
    david moore 2 months ago

    I take that back his face is funny

  • david moore
    david moore 2 months ago

    you know what is super funny about seth Meyers NOTHING nothing at all

  • Kato Danzo
    Kato Danzo 2 months ago

    Meyers you suck !! Too many bad guys in the world we need Trump's strong hand. Quit being a traitor man

  • Sparkles !!!
    Sparkles !!! 2 months ago

    A closer look! Seriously, the greatest segment from any show or platform ever (to me).

  • Jim Lawton
    Jim Lawton 2 months ago

    You've been off for 2 and a half weeks and already you're taking a break from "A Closer Look"?! That is usually the only part of the show I watch and I've been waiting 2 weeks for them!!!

  • VaibhaV Deshmukh
    VaibhaV Deshmukh 2 months ago

    Why the volume on this channels video is always low? I come here after watching other videos and I always have to increase my volume. When going back to other channels I have decrease it again. getting very annoying..

  • Swan Phung
    Swan Phung 2 months ago

    Why Closer Looks are not updated?

  • Superb Media Content Creator

    Why are there no new postings...

    • reciprocalhokie
      reciprocalhokie 2 months ago

      Same thing with Late Show with Stephen Colbert. Curious!

  • Debra Daleo
    Debra Daleo 2 months ago

    Very insightful, thought provoking comments down here.

  • riciy
    riciy 2 months ago

    what happened, where is my closer look? =)

  • Jean Perkins
    Jean Perkins 2 months ago

    This is some bullshit! No one cares about your musical guest. Where's the monologue, closer look, etc? I needs my fake news! BTW, you're awesome and the Trump supporters and Obama blamers on this commentary section can eat a long, fat DICK! You hear me, John Doll? Ellis Marquez? Shmaegma96? Just kill yourselves, please. Better yet, take out a Wal-mart while you're at it.

  • Brian Sloss
    Brian Sloss 2 months ago

    JJ Gifting the lightsader to Seth Meyers.

  • Don Wanderer
    Don Wanderer 2 months ago

    WTF? Where's The Latest Videos? Are You On Hiatus?

  • Dios67
    Dios67 3 months ago

    I watched a couple of the Game of Thrones videos, thought they were hilarious and stopped by to see more comedy... ...But, its all political BS like every late night asshole out there. God, I miss Carson, Leno even Letterman in the old days. Can't you guys give us a break from the daily crap out there or are you too lazy to write original materiel?

  • chee6060
    chee6060 3 months ago


    • Angelo Palazzolo
      Angelo Palazzolo 2 months ago

      1. capslock maniac
      2. raging anger
      3. ???
      4. comment

    • Mirac
      Mirac 2 months ago

      Beware the terrifying keyboard warrior!

    • D' Bert
      D' Bert 3 months ago

      lol fbi

  • ozijon
    ozijon 3 months ago


  • Mike Wood
    Mike Wood 3 months ago


    • Radwar99
      Radwar99 2 months ago

      No proof as usual.

  • Shikhanshu Agarwal
    Shikhanshu Agarwal 3 months ago

    i want to subscribe only to "closer look" videos.. is that possible?

  • Allen M
    Allen M 3 months ago

    you need to keep current on your videos/shows!

  • Jack Shuler
    Jack Shuler 4 months ago

    Seth's videos are always too quiet. Seriously. Fix the audio volume on his videos. I always have to crank up my speakers to hear him. All the other videos on youtube are fine. Please fix this.

  • ThomasInde
    ThomasInde 4 months ago

    Hey Seth! WTF!!! Did you get fired? Did Trump managed to shut you down? What's happening?

  • kesa1986
    kesa1986 4 months ago

    hey sooooooooooooo is seth not posting videos anymore? I haven't seen in two weeks

  • Anshul Shukla
    Anshul Shukla 4 months ago

    its time for a closer look

  • Guillermo brito valles

    No videos this week ? Sad.....

  • dorianXsapiens
    dorianXsapiens 4 months ago

    Come on, Seth, this sucks! Get back to work!

  • Clay Shippy
    Clay Shippy 4 months ago

    What happened to "A Closer Look?" I miss it.

  • Chumleimi
    Chumleimi 4 months ago

    Yoooo how about a little closer look ?

  • fakefaketv
    fakefaketv 4 months ago

    yoooo where is the closer look from everything what happened with G20 and donald trump jr. and stuff, you can't go on vacation NOW seth meyers... !

  • scalpster
    scalpster 4 months ago

    Wish Seth would come back and give us "A Closer Look" on this whole week!

  • Farabi Mahbub
    Farabi Mahbub 4 months ago

    Where are your Closer Looks for this week man. Been dying to watch them :(

  • Greg Newell
    Greg Newell 4 months ago

    Please come back Seth!!!

  • Cry Thunder
    Cry Thunder 4 months ago

    This place is toxic too.

  • Commander Useless
    Commander Useless 4 months ago

    Looking forward to seeing more of your show. Kudos from Sweden!

  • Robert Warman
    Robert Warman 4 months ago

    I understand that Trump is an easy target but it isn't funny any more. It's a national disgrace and the more we laugh the worse it gets.

  • Diego M
    Diego M 4 months ago

    sorry it's in spanish, but have you seen this?
    great program

  • Clay3613
    Clay3613 4 months ago

    Where is the Phantom Menace anniversary guy sketch? Why is it gone? This is a damn travesty...

  • darkfanimewatcher
    darkfanimewatcher 5 months ago

    These late nite personalities act like they are funny guys on our side, truth is they are slaves to the globalists and want to see us replaced by Muslims. Fuckers. Don't pretend if you don't care about us.

  • Xtoriez Novel
    Xtoriez Novel 5 months ago

    It's time for Seth Meyers to apologize for spreading hate which encouraged the shooting of Republicans at baseball practice. Just imagine if he had said that kind of message toward the gay community, he would be off the air so fast!

  • The Final Play
    The Final Play 5 months ago

    All Seth does is repeat mis-information. I used to like to watch him on Saturday Night. No longer.

  • MetteC5
    MetteC5 5 months ago

    Dear Late Night with Seth Meyers,
    I'm watching older videos of yours because I'm a little tired of giving the current Trump & cons scandal all that attention.
    Also, and esp., I'm wondering what's going on in parallel. *Would you please not only focus on the obvious Trump & cons noise (scandals), but also look at what Trump & cons are doing (or not doing) underneath the noise? For example, what are their latest measures re LGBT rights? Or re the environment (besides the much covered - and rightly so - pullout of Paris)?*
    Thank you very much in advance!!

  • Alexander Puhl
    Alexander Puhl 5 months ago

    You guys should do what Stephen Colbert does and group the videos by the day it was released. That way we can watch your videos as if it was an episode.

  • Robin Cheeseman
    Robin Cheeseman 5 months ago

    After watching the Congressional hearings with the four idiots on Tuesday, there was a particular song lyric that kept running through my head. Then, when I got on here to look around for the first time some of the comments made it stat up again. "I can see that your head has been twisted and fed with worthless foam from the mouth." Bob Dylan, To Ramona.

  • Rafz Tick
    Rafz Tick 5 months ago

    Prison Break S01e20 09:28

  • KFC Warrior
    KFC Warrior 5 months ago

    The Juice remembers when nitwit Seth Meyers was more than just a Trump stalker. The Juice thinks this stupid Jew needs to give royalty monies to Trump since the idiot Jew has devoted his act show and life to Trump. The Juice thinks Seth Meyers is done like Jews in Auschwitz, unable to think of anything worth seeing or hearing. Crackpot Jew unfunny failure who has a future not so bright.

  • Banykomio Ajpu
    Banykomio Ajpu 5 months ago

    Hey why arent you guys uploading daily videos anymore???.. i am a fan and i watch your show everyday from Gutemala we didnt get any post this whole week... i wonder if trumpo is blocking it??? mmmm anyhow i hope to see you guys posting soon... the end is near

  • Davefargo79
    Davefargo79 5 months ago

    Not being an American I havent paid much attention to American Politics in the past.. However since Trump took office I cant get enough of Seth Myers' Humor for "A Closer Look"...

  • palmtreesparadise
    palmtreesparadise 5 months ago

    Love him !   Seth's show is really "on point", very timely, shows such great intelligence and wit with "Closer Look" and all the actual real life footage that illustrates how Trump has reversed himself after he was elected. Trump says crazy, impetuous, reckless, unlawful things without any regard to what he said/promised while campaigning. He is crass, scary, vocabulary challenged, uneducated, sexist, racist, insults gold star parents, absurd , "bigly" dishonest and even delusional. He is caught in lie after lie that he cannot dispute when his original speeches are shown. Late Night with Seth is the only thing we can laugh at when our world, as we know it, is in trouble. Wish Seth did not come on so late show though, but at least his humor helps to chase our political nightmares away .. a little bit. Late Night also gives us much hope that all our politicians, including the Republicans who are losing faith in him now, will come up with impeachment proceedings very quickly to get us out of this mess !

  • emily b
    emily b 5 months ago

    Where are you dude? My mom's bugging me for more, she doesn't understand that I don't control the videos! I'm the messenger getting shot to death right now! Come back!

  • denyingdestruction
    denyingdestruction 5 months ago

    did I miss something? I know you guys down south just had your memorial day weekend, that explains Monday. Is Seth on vaca or something? Where are the videos? Last one was from 6 days ago...

    • Thil
      Thil 5 months ago

      And Trevor Noah too... this is depressing. All my fave shows are down.

    • Rosemary Marnath
      Rosemary Marnath 5 months ago

      it not just seth meyers, stephen colbert too, i'm thinking did them pass a new law banning entertainment news or is the legal team taking actions?

  • Bill Wood
    Bill Wood 5 months ago

    Censorship raises it"s ugly head.

  • Xtoriez Novel
    Xtoriez Novel 5 months ago

    I'm so sick of Seth slamming Trump. It was funny at first, but now it's tiring. Liberals like him are still surprised and dumbfounded that Trump won that they are grasping at straws. It has been proven the Russians did not hack our voting machines, worst case scenario is they ran an ad campaign. I voted for Trump to watch liberals squirm, so I guess mission accomplished! Now if only we could get Meyers to tell one other funny joke for the first time in months then the world will be perfect!

    • Zero effort
      Zero effort 5 months ago

      I'd rather be a snowflake then a sheep.

    • Zero effort
      Zero effort 5 months ago

      No we're dumbfounded by the fact that trump is an incompetent asshat who's clearly in over his head.

  • Oscar Blanco
    Oscar Blanco 6 months ago

    Guys, you have to do something with this photo of Trump and the Saudi King holding a glowing sphere!!!

  • ButtHurt Libtards Joy
    ButtHurt Libtards Joy 6 months ago

    all fake news on this channel.

  • Fair Beater
    Fair Beater 6 months ago

    no comments available...
    gee, one can only wonder why something wouldn't want something as ambiguous as free speech

  • Francois Viel
    Francois Viel 6 months ago

    Where is my Closer look.. Im addicted

  • B B
    B B 6 months ago

    I just unsubscribed because my mom told me to stop watching this show!

  • Clara Solomon
    Clara Solomon 6 months ago

    I am tired of so called comedians talking political BS! They are to entertain me, not talk about politics and their personal beliefs because I don't give a rats ass what they believe. Where are the Johnny Carsons and Jay Leno?

    • Zero effort
      Zero effort 5 months ago

      Only Trunp is guilty; so

    • ButtHurt Libtards Joy
      ButtHurt Libtards Joy 6 months ago

      They received millions in envelopes just to tell bad things about Trump, which are financed by the jewish bankers and Globalist billionaires. These bad news are all lies and here to try to impeach Trump for something he is not guilty. To be replaced by some1 that will continue to reduce the world population and not help the population.

  • Alilretard1
    Alilretard1 6 months ago

    You guys need to bump up the audio level on Seth's voice about 10 or 15 % when these videos are put together. The *outro bumper is loud enough* but Seth's voice is a little too quiet.

  • Greg H
    Greg H 6 months ago

    Seth's Closer Look segments consistently run circles around the other late shows, slamming Trump with substance while the rest just impotently whine about him.

    THY BCX 6 months ago

    This guy is so butt hurt for being wrong about Trumps win. lmfao. You can tell what networks are by what they air all the time. LMFAO

  • TalkingToTheHand
    TalkingToTheHand 6 months ago

    upload the Böhmermann clip or blitzkrieg

  • Zgoda
    Zgoda 6 months ago

    If you want mass views, now's your time to go neutral on trump and give him a break for it being his first time within any government. people in hollywood will piss on you but the video will blow up big.

  • Josh
    Josh 7 months ago

    Fuckin upload some content

  • Blade1301
    Blade1301 7 months ago

    Wtf Seth. I need my "A Closer Look" fix. I've had to go to other places to try to get a laugh, not cool man.

  • Seier5000
    Seier5000 7 months ago

    Where are you guys?

  • Hassan Khan
    Hassan Khan 7 months ago

    2 weeks without your closer looks. Really pissed :@

  • Hoilly Chan
    Hoilly Chan 7 months ago

    Hi everyone, why there is no new episode updated? Thank you ~~~

  • Shrikant Iyer
    Shrikant Iyer 7 months ago

    You need to provide more longer harder closer looks man! You can't just take a week off! We're addicted!!!!!

  • Jim Lawton
    Jim Lawton 7 months ago

    What is this, your 2nd week off? Get tired having to read all your staff's jokes?! XD

  • Seth Goldberg
    Seth Goldberg 7 months ago

    wonder why there has been no uploads since the Syria strike.
    guess it's not allowed to call the administration out on the lies that lead to the development.
    I mean, there has been so much to tell and joke about!!! just take a look at Trump's tweet form 2012: "Now that Obama’s poll numbers are in tailspin – watch for him to launch a strike in Libya or Iran. He is desperate."

  • Beauty Bike
    Beauty Bike 7 months ago

    why there are no new videos for over a week?

  • juneaugust1
    juneaugust1 7 months ago

    why there are no new episodes???

  • Midget Penguin
    Midget Penguin 7 months ago

    Soooo.. no videos this week?

    • Flashy Lyrics
      Flashy Lyrics 5 months ago


    • Salvatron Prime
      Salvatron Prime 7 months ago

      I coulda swore there were some new videos, but now the latest video is one week ago? Maybe too many Dumpers complained...

    • Midget Penguin
      Midget Penguin 7 months ago

      So still no videos this week?

  • Drumjod
    Drumjod 7 months ago

    Seth I love your show, and I tend to agree with you. Here is the thing; you need to give Trump credit when he makes a good decision.
    For example, Trump removed Bannon from his council. Instead of trying to cause more pain, this is an incredible opportunity for you to demonstrate that you are focused on truth and integrity above all else.
    Also, some of your insults about Trumps son "Eric" being creepy are uncomfortable and not funny. It just makes you look like a dick. Almost as thought you were making fun of a person with a disability.

  • Abdo M.
    Abdo M. 7 months ago

    why "Seth Meyers Invites Melisandre to a Baby Shower" video was deleted!!!!!!!

  • Kato Danzo
    Kato Danzo 7 months ago

    Isn't it interesting how only people who makes their living speaking with their mouths are usually against President Trump ? With all your writing, commenting, and "comedy" you never did a single day of real work in your life Mr. Meyers, all you know is talky talky your whole life. And now you disrespect a whole half of the country who voted for Trump with your mean salty comments just to impress your New York friends. Pathetic. LEAD FOLLOW OR GET OUTTA THE WAY !!! You probably don't know what that means because also no military service on your record. FAKE NEWS!!!!!!!!

  • Sheila Phillips
    Sheila Phillips 7 months ago

    Wish I could find the segment on March 28, 2017 where Ambefr was on fire responding to Bill O'Reilly's stupid comments about Rep. Maxine Waters' hair looking like a James Brown wig. Is that segment on YouTube or anywhere else online? Please let me know where it is in a comment if you know.

  • neddles50
    neddles50 8 months ago

    Avid viewer here in the UK via You Tube, love Closer Look. Why do so many of your politicians look weird?? I know looks have nothing to do with their skills but a lot of them are strange and ugly.

  • Hugo The Poet
    Hugo The Poet 8 months ago

    love the show - easily the best late night content atm.
    BUT.... the volume's too quiet on your uploads on YT! Please CRANK IT UP! Trust me

  • way2dumb
    way2dumb 8 months ago

    Um, this is Australian calling. Is you country still there? Has he fire the Hs(nukes) by accident or is he waiting for the 4 of July?

  • Paranormal Sightings
    Paranormal Sightings 8 months ago

    Leftist hack.

  • Sandler23
    Sandler23 8 months ago

    This guy has no other jokes but Trump jokes. Getting lame. Sad.

  • Horazon
    Horazon 8 months ago

    Do your country a favor Seth. report us real problems and not your fucking ego. US real debt is around 220 trillion. Almost 100 trillion dollars of unfunded liabilities alone on medicare compared to the national debt of 20 trillion. The normal person do not understand that the current system does not sustain itself.

    • Midget Penguin
      Midget Penguin 7 months ago

      [email protected] thinking he actually writes what he's saying on the show each day..

    • hutprancer
      hutprancer 8 months ago

      You accuse liberal sites of spin and then accuse me of wearing a tinfoil hat? My skepticism of your numbers and links means I wear a tinfoil hat? You seem to be the one struggling with reality.

    • hutprancer
      hutprancer 8 months ago

      You accuse "liberal sites" of spin, but how do i know the sites you link are not also spin? I wouldn't consider forbes to be an unbiased site. Powerlineblog is clearly conservative. And, debtclock claims it's not affiliated with any political agency, but how do I know those numbers are accurate? It's just a big old screen of numbers.

    • Horazon
      Horazon 8 months ago this one is not 100 % because many debt are not disclosed. many high economics know the real nr is around 222 trillion in total.

    • Horazon
      Horazon 8 months ago

  • Seth Ellis
    Seth Ellis 8 months ago

    Missed the show this week. It's high time for a Closer Look at the GOP health care.... cough.... plan. Humor keeps us human!

  • maine.ale
    maine.ale 8 months ago

    Have you stopped uploading videos to this channel? I know yer busy Seff, but c'mon! Put down the bong and get crackin'! Or maybe yer on vacation this week and there are no shows. In which case, my bad, bruv.

    • Chris On a Buffalo
      Chris On a Buffalo 8 months ago

      yeah they are terrible at keeping us informed.....a shame really...

  • Addy Babs
    Addy Babs 8 months ago

  • Hassan Khan
    Hassan Khan 8 months ago

    Where are your Closer Looks for this week man. Been dying to watch them :( Its been almost 5 days since the last one

    • Toree Moore
      Toree Moore 2 months ago

      You know what is super funny about this comment, despite the fact that it only requested for no change, stated only a fact and had it really been the most replied to message at least this year? ..... It wasn't even my comment !

    • Ellis Marquez
      Ellis Marquez 3 months ago

      There is no Russia connection you vacuous turd. Why the Hell would Putin want a stronger America when Russia was flourishing with Obama's weak America?

    • flbum57
      flbum57 8 months ago

      Help, Seth!!! Ever since President Donald Putin settled into the oval office, I've found the need for your humor so that I can laugh at our country's federal government just as the rest of the world is doing. How about another "Closer Look" to ease the pain... PLEASE!!!

    • Seth Ellis
      Seth Ellis 8 months ago

      Right?! I have to laugh so I don't burst into tears every time I hear the news. :) We need you man. I'm going to have to get my news from Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me this week. ;)

    • Markus Wsnr
      Markus Wsnr 8 months ago

      There are no new shows this week, only repeats. Next week he will continue. (Yeah, was hoping for a closer look on Trumps last weekends Twitter output)

  • stormbringer
    stormbringer 8 months ago

    Nobody is going to point out the fact that Trump accuses Obama of trying
    to interfere in the "sacred" election process but throughout his
    campaign urged the russians to do the same?

  • Việt Nam
    Việt Nam 8 months ago

    Mr Seth, more videos please!

  • Tian
    Tian 8 months ago

    i love your show, seth
    used to like weekend, but since i fell for this late night, i can't wait for monday and watch new videos :)
    i'm waiting for the video sketch too!! :D

  • Mark Johnson
    Mark Johnson 8 months ago

    Why do you get Friday nights off? The same with SNL. The past two weeks they've been running reruns. WTF!!

    GIGGLR 8 months ago

    Mommy said I've been a good boy, so I'm allowed to watch 30mins of YouTube. It's been more than 43 mins so I guess she didn't noti

  • Jason Glisson
    Jason Glisson 8 months ago

    This guy is pretty hilarious. We've been enjoying his jokes about Trump. It's all we can do to stay sane know....Trump has the early stages of dementia and our country is a joke in the world now.

  • Helen Storms
    Helen Storms 9 months ago

    Used to enjoy the show but now almost the whole thing is Trump/politics related. New material mixed in would be appreciated. We need a breakkkkkkkk.

  • extra solar
    extra solar 9 months ago

    keep up the 'great work' lol

  • GreenBanana
    GreenBanana 9 months ago

    Every video on your YouTube channel is turning up with a blank black visual unless visited through a "share" link.

  • maxxtubing
    maxxtubing 9 months ago

    This channel, , is stealing your content.

  • the forthwright
    the forthwright 9 months ago

    Love your vids, but could you add closed captioning? Thank you. :)

  • Toniherrscher
    Toniherrscher 9 months ago

    I really like your content and that you put it on youtube for free. But you start to spam. 6-7 Videos a day is just to much, when really all that people want to see is "a closer look" or the sketches. Maybe create a second channel with all the interviews and stuff. I am sorry but I have to unsubscribe.

  • Christin David
    Christin David 9 months ago

    Great how you crank up the number of vids on here. I am watching them ALL!

  • Ivonne Cayabyab
    Ivonne Cayabyab 9 months ago

    Hey Late Night team, congrats on hitting 1 million subs!

  • Snapchat Hack
    Snapchat Hack 9 months ago

    Who is better Colbert or Meyers?

  • S.Deepak Srinivas
    S.Deepak Srinivas 9 months ago

    yaar seth meyers... trump k itni na maaro.. apna hi hai .. ab ki byar trump sarkaar

  • Sadman Fakid
    Sadman Fakid 9 months ago


  • dadetail10
    dadetail10 9 months ago

    He just tried to use dogs.... usually cant lose using dogs/pets.... seth you even f**ked that up suck

  • dadetail10
    dadetail10 9 months ago

    Craig Ferguson was funny.... you are not

  • dadetail10
    dadetail10 9 months ago

    just wasted 8 minuts watching interview with fake news associate cooper from cnn.....they tried humor.....even the paid for audience didnt laugh or find humor in what these two knuckleheads said
    seth... think about another career.... maybe mcdonalds.... you want fries with that?.... more fitting to your skill set

  • BaedWolf
    BaedWolf 9 months ago

    Hello! I've been soaking up all I could from your YouTube feed, and JUST realized you are ALSO watchable (in full!) on my Hulu account.
    I am not a clever man.
    Despite this revelation, I'll be sure to come back (to YouTube) and "like" my favorites here -- it's the realm's currency, after all.
    I wanted you to know how much I love this show and everyone who is a part of making it -- on screen and behind. I will savor every moment I can. I will watch until your incredible talents move you to other things, and then follow who I can, forward.
    ...or at least to the point when our society crumbles into an oppressive husk that only favors dented pits barely reflecting meaningful ideas. (Until then, I'll keep watching where I can.)

  • Paul Gallant
    Paul Gallant 9 months ago

    Ha ha. You made a mistake, Seth. On the 31st, you were interviewing Asa Butterfield, and he said Mars has 38% of the gravity on Earth. You asked about being 62% heavier. Wrong. 100 (Earth) is 263% (2.63 x) more than 38 (Mars).

  • MLR Flame
    MLR Flame 9 months ago


  • Allison Kang
    Allison Kang 9 months ago

    IsTrump the new cops kill black armless man now ?

  • Mendel Grant
    Mendel Grant 9 months ago

    Dear Team Seth. First, you guys are amazing. Thank you for all the great content! Second, some people I really care about can't enjoy your content with me because they are deaf and you don't have closed captions available. I will gladly caption all your YouTube videos for free for the opportunity to share the Late Night experience with my friends. Pretty please?

  • spb
    spb 9 months ago

    Sure could use a closer look right about now!

  • Stone Craftsman
    Stone Craftsman 9 months ago

    Seth I am a recent huge fan! We are polar opposites in many areas, but funny is funny. I can laugh at the comedy all sides create just like you do. Mainly because I divorced from partisanship long ago, and chose to hold fast to Biblical principles. I see that you actually respond to some of these comments, so I hope this comes across your "desk." Like you, I research exhaustively into the daily drama of politicos. And, I take it a step further into "crazy coincidences." Remember when Obama visited Jerusalem? And he planted that Magnolia Grandiflora? That 2013 event was filled with humor. Israel's equivalent of the USDA announced they might have to uproot the tree. Did you catch that back then? Well, get this, a Magnolia has another common name in Mexico and S. America: Semiramis. How many jokes could have been made on that? In case you are unfamiliar, Semiramis is the name of the Queen of Babylon, Nimrod's wife. Yes, Nimrod from the Bible. So, a tree that symbolically represents an ancient Queen gets threatened to be uprooted. Talk about just being Queen for a Day! Well, they left it. And, today it is doing quite well. Here we are today, and Trump is a great source of hilarious "crazy coincidences." I am surprised you did not have any Inauguration jests. Like his copycat cake of Obama's Inauguration cake. Trump's was made out of Styrofoam! Guess he couldn't have Obama's cake and eat it too! Why did he copy Obama's cake? And why did he use the Lincoln Inauguration Bible under his mother's? Forgive the weak Bible humor, but did Trump want to have the last Word? As a dad like you and being of similar age, I understand your concern. Trump's buffoonery is dangerous. Mikhail Gorbachev penned a piece this last week, bemoaning the course the Globe is taking. He wrote about WW III being upon the horizon. Sadly, the Pope had already declared this twice in recent years. Trump appears to be exacerbating this situation, and war may engulf all of us. If so dear brother, keep up the levity. Be like the orchestra on the Titanic my friend... except may you be blessed with a lifeboat!

  • William Watson
    William Watson 9 months ago

    Seth manages to make me laugh, even when Trump is doing awful stuff. When Trump is impeached, America will be great again. :)

  • Bill Fitzgerald
    Bill Fitzgerald 10 months ago

    Kudos to Seth Meyers for finally having the guts to say it like it is! I am sick and tired of all those dumb bobbleheads who keep using the words "Alternative facts" and "Fake news". When all of those Trump spokepersons are caught uttering falsehoods, it is outright LYING! Seth is the first one to call them what they are...Liers! Keep up the good work Seth.

  • Russell Hou
    Russell Hou 10 months ago

    this show is a joke. all worried about money and distracting the people,
    there are real issues that should be spoken out loud and your
    mainstream way of thinking, should be finished. be humans for once and
    talk about a real story that actually can make a difference you comedy
    sized wanna be journalists
    a real bust in this link, and you make jokes about pizza.

  • Vincent Vega
    Vincent Vega 10 months ago

    Seth, your constant unfunniness really drove the "Late Night" franchise into the ground.

  • Jarejander69
    Jarejander69 10 months ago

    noun: trumptrum; plural noun: trumptrums
    an uncontrolled outburst of anger and frustration, typically in a uneducated privileged republican old white male.

  • mrhypnagogia
    mrhypnagogia 10 months ago

    im so excited for Leah this weekend!!!!

    • saint francis
      saint francis 8 months ago

      My Mission to
      save humanity is almost complete
      Friday, February 13th, 2015 @ 18:00
      dearly beloved daughter, by the Power of the Holy Blessed Trinity, I declare
      that I have given you the Truth. I have filled your hearts and souls with the
      Gifts promised to mankind through the Book of Truth.
      take My Gift of the Truth along with all the other Gifts, given to you through
      this Mission, and accept them with gratitude. Live the Word of God. Accept
      these Messages and live your lives accordingly.
      Mission to save humanity is almost complete. My Remnant has been formed. You
      have been given the Gifts of the Seal of the Living God, the Medal of Salvation
      and the Crusade Prayers. They will be your armour against My adversary. I will
      speak with you only periodically and through the Remnant from now on. You are
      ready to take up your armour to fight to keep My Word alive in a place of
      Plan is to ensure that all of you spread My Word and contemplate what I have
      given you. I will never desert My final Mission, for this is impossible. Be
      patient and trust in Me completely. These Messages will bring you great comfort
      and consolation in days of great spiritual trials. Be thankful for My Mercy.
      Holy Spirit will guide and protect you and I will give you the comfort you will
      need to withstand the difficulties you will face in the times ahead.
      you My little ones for accepting My Intervention. Now it is up to you to spread
      the Truth. I love you, I cherish you and I long for the Great Day of the Lord
      when I will unite the world and lead you into My New Kingdom on earth.
      Bless you and give you the courage, the wisdom, the knowledge and the Graces to
      continue My Work on earth.
      beloved Jesus

      Saviour and Redeemer of all mankind.

  • backhatter
    backhatter 10 months ago

    YO...SETH...If you (DON'T) want to make America great again ...... you should stay off the radar. People do notice Libtard behavior. You're not funny. Trump is our only hope of saving this country. It's funny that our ( FOUNDING FATHERS)were wild and crazy guys. Just like Trump. That's what it took to start this country. That's what it's going to take to save this country. Shame on you Seth Meyers. Quit throwing us under the bus.

  • KewpieGirl
    KewpieGirl 10 months ago

    seth, you made me sick everyday. Karma is gonna get you BIG time. Your mouth is full of s***, dirty, bad influence jokes. I hope ppl will make fun of you or mockery back against you. You're nothing and heartless. You need stop talking about trump....oh wow seth, you really super obsessed about him. I pray no one will watch your show and drop down in the chart.

  • GaslightAlley
    GaslightAlley 10 months ago

    Please post videos of music performances. Thanks!

  • Billy C
    Billy C 10 months ago

    Seth - thanks for calling her out on the lie about Trump never getting briefed. This irritating woman does that constantly.

  • Evlin Cuerdas
    Evlin Cuerdas 10 months ago

    Evil Talmudic filthy jew

  • Evlin Cuerdas
    Evlin Cuerdas 10 months ago

    Der Juden!!!!

  • Shacktackle Boombaby
    Shacktackle Boombaby 10 months ago

    This asshole will be out of a job within 2 years.

  • Instagram Hack
    Instagram Hack 10 months ago

    This guy is pretty funny, but it's quite obvious for what candidate he is rooting for. Which is kind of disappointing, I feel like his show would be much better if he was neutral and roasted each side.

  • Lori BE
    Lori BE 11 months ago

    Used to adore Seth aka SNL his team/writers not so funny anymore.
    Seth Meyers please back off constantly talking with majority of celebs about kids, just cause you had one? Don't make this show all about your EGO.
    YAWN boring show now.
    Fred Armisen has the BEST stories!!!
    Thanks ---> PVR fast forward's

    • Lori BE
      Lori BE 9 months ago

      LMAO signoguns the man upstairs "Owner of a Remington"
      Nope you might just want to keep guessing...

    • signoguns
      signoguns 9 months ago

      I'm guessing you voted for Trump...

  • Luke Neale
    Luke Neale 11 months ago

    Dear Seth, I hate you. You have no sense of humour and you mislead mindless ppl by using that "..." In the articles you use, show the full article not just the parts that suit your agenda. And youre paid by the same ppl who give money from the clintons. So push that narrative hard, even if your too stupid too see what your doing. You're a unfunny hack. I know this won't change anything you do, but I hate you, and I'm definitely not the only one who can see what I see.

  • Lonely Wolf
    Lonely Wolf 11 months ago

    i miss watching SnL .. i cant watch it here and neither in tv :l ... i could say thanks Gumshoos

  • Karen Geurts
    Karen Geurts 11 months ago

    Hi Seth, when are you doing something about the company that influenced voters behaviour to vote for Trump? Cambridge Analytica. Starts to be covered by European press.

  • J Diaz
    J Diaz 11 months ago

    Here's an idea.... invite Stewart Copeland (The Police) as guest drummer....!!!!

  • john voght
    john voght 11 months ago

    you must owe a pill to the boys. someone to stand up that long and look that stupid must owe a lot

  • Dorothy Harrell
    Dorothy Harrell 11 months ago

    GO AWAY!!!! We don't like you...

  • RoMeow 儸密貓
    RoMeow 儸密貓 11 months ago

    Good show

  • John Cameron
    John Cameron years ago

    Every one I know is in complete agreement Seth Meyers is a waste of space and will bring down nbc if they keep him on the air.

  • John Cameron
    John Cameron years ago


  • Lucas Liso
    Lucas Liso years ago

    About Trump's new speeches on bringing the country together and not attacking minorities.

  • Too Shmart
    Too Shmart years ago

    Another career forever ruined by Hillary Clinton, you Seth Myers are simply just a comedian with a job that sits down instead of standing up. Your joke ares only funny to people just like you in which you are quickly finding out are becoming the "hated" in America. R.I.P. to anything respectable coming out of your mouth.

  • Chris A
    Chris A years ago

    All that liberal Hillary propaganda and she still lost, LMAO.

  • Steve Holland
    Steve Holland years ago

    Please Sign
    You can view and sign the petition here:
    Here's some more information about this petition:
    We the People request that the Electorial College function as originally intendeded. To prevent Demagoguery!
    The Electoral College was originally created to prevent a
    unsuitable individual achieving the presidency and equalise power
    between the states. It has not faced the first issue until this election
    with the minority election of Donald J. Trump. It has failed on the
    second issue but at this juncture that is moot. The Electors should Vote
    for John Kasich or some other suitable Republican. We believe as
    Democrat and Moderate Republican supporters this would be more
    acceptable than the present alternative.

    • Too Shmart
      Too Shmart years ago

      A bunch of crying zero-taxpaying students that only show up for their issues and no others.

  • Dodge Hemi
    Dodge Hemi years ago


  • Dodge Hemi
    Dodge Hemi years ago

    Prepare to be audited by the New IRS. SHOW US YOUR TAXES SETH !

  • S Smith
    S Smith years ago

    In light of this election’s results, would it be possible for your show to address misogynistic women, internalized sexism, or misogyny in general? It would be neat to take advantage of the fact that this campaign has allowed all sorts of nasty, creepy crawley parts of this country to gain a face, so that society can address these problems and better ourselves. If Clinton had won, America may have pleased enough to ignore these very real issues, views, and nasty pieces of ourselves and continued on with the status quo. These problems have made it known to us that they are very real and presents society a chance to tackle head on and maybe make some progress.

  • Steven Cole
    Steven Cole years ago

    Wow, you mean you don't motivate people to go vote for your candidate by insulting them? I mean ..I thought months of condescending remarks at progressives, independents, and disenfranchised blue collar workers would of motivated them to go vote for Hilary. Hmmm...Weird....Trump won with less votes then Romney lost with. Maybe get out of the bubble. As a liberal who cares about working class Americans (and voted for HRC), I guess I am no longer welcome in the meritocracy, because blame will be placed on everyone but the party and the candidate. Thanks media, thanks Wall Street money, thanks millionaire journalists and satirists. When you point the finger , remember you have three pointing back at you.

  • matt hordern
    matt hordern years ago

    Seth With regards to your Donald Trump Comedy Act at the White House Correspondents Dinner 5/1/2011 thats pretty sad and in humane to treat anyone in mixed company like you did. Not funny at all Seth Meyers thats not entertainment You are an embarrassment ! Wether or not you like trump that opinion should remain private' But trying to make someone look bad to make yourself look good is a dog act !! How would you like to be embarrassed in front of hundreds of your friends' and colleagues ? What does it take to change the essence of a man? You're a disgrace and you have shown your true colours . Trump did the mature thing by not responding on the night and what you did was no different than teasing some kid in front of the whole school yard! But remember one thing that night you started a ripple and action always have concequenses thats something none of us can ever escape from. it doesn't matter how many times you wash your hands ' underneath they will always remain dirty.

  • Ryan Walker
    Ryan Walker years ago


    • Your loving Saviour Jesus Christ : GLOBAL CONVERSION ABOUT TO HAPPEN
      Your loving Saviour Jesus Christ : GLOBAL CONVERSION ABOUT TO HAPPEN 9 months ago

      Call to all
      Churches & Creeds to unite against Evil
      Sunday, November 21st, 2010 @ 15:00
      To My churches around the world, hear My call.
      All you children and followers belong to Me. So many of you are following the
      teachings of your church and God the Creator of Mankind. That is good. Many of
      you interpret the Teachings of My Eternal Father in different ways. This has
      come about through the interpretations of the prophets since time began.
      Many prophets interpreted the Teachings of God
      in the way that the Message was received by them. Some of My prophet’s words
      have been tampered with. All of My prophets were given the Truth. Not all of My
      prophets managed to ensure that their followers stayed on one path to eternal
      All paths lead to God the Creator of mankind.
      The followers of God interpret the Teachings in different ways that lead to confusion.
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      Their hypnotic appeal, through their music and
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      they, My children, block the Light, as they too are sucked into eternal
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      Your loving Saviour and Just Judge
      Jesus Christ

    • Billy C
      Billy C 9 months ago

      +Ryan Walker No I'm very sure. She is a female. I've known this for about 25 years now.

    • signoguns
      signoguns 9 months ago

      Tired of winning yet, Ryan?

    • havocmaster69
      havocmaster69 10 months ago

      Go back to worldstar and watch a fight comp/

    • Ryan Walker
      Ryan Walker 10 months ago

      well we all really dont know for sure that she is a female...

    JOHN DOLL years ago

    Congratulations Meyers. You went all in with your support of Crooked Hillary and mocked Trump with your lousy attempt at humor. Don't think we the silent majority didn't notice. Well, you lost the election and half your audience as well. Hopefully your TV slot will open up for somebody with talent. Go Trump!

    • Rui Alexandre
      Rui Alexandre 4 months ago

      Debtoralive, you described pretty much what the rest of the world thought of the americans during the campaign and after. They can't be that blind? They could. So many could. Humans are scary.

    • Debtoralive
      Debtoralive 4 months ago

      You know, I heard once that there really were people who actually believed and trusted Donald Trump. But I didn't believe it. I couldn't believe it. No, I said, they don't make people gullible enough, or stupid enough, or blind enough to actually believe that Trump is able to speak using the English language without using lies or deceit of any kind. No one is that far out of it to be fooled by his used car salesman mentality. But now, as I live and breathe, there's one right here calling himself John Doll". Maybe some education about Trump and/or perhaps some mental health help should be part of your near future.

    • Danny
      Danny 7 months ago

      Actually are you aware that Trump lost the popular vote? You're not the "silent majority" you're just demonstrably part of the minority.

    • Billy C
      Billy C 10 months ago

      No, it's just Hillary. Crooked Trump. But why are you here if you are no longer a viewer? lol

  • Kelly Mclaughlin
    Kelly Mclaughlin years ago

    I watched Seth Meyer's first show, it was bad but thinking he was nervous I thought he'd get better. NOT, he's jealous of Jimmy Fallen will Never even come close to him and he just sucks.  But no matter me not caring for Trump he WAS the only comedian, or so he thinks he is, that ONLY talked bad about Trump. Never one bad thing about Hillary. All the other late night hosts joked about both. I hope his ratings go down especially because James Corden is the bomb > It won't be long I hope.  When is he leaving New York?? BTW

  • Jeroen De Winne
    Jeroen De Winne years ago

    This is going to a hilarious next episode :')

  • Ariana Grande's 1# Fan

    i love you seth !!!!

  • Adam Hassler
    Adam Hassler years ago

    Hi seth!

  • The Banter
    The Banter years ago

    Seth Meyers: Get the hell off of Late Night. Maybe, you should also spend a few weeks watching Johnny Carson, or Jay Leno. They'll show how it's supposed to be done. Your shitty talk show is a farce. A mere rip off of the worthless Comedy Channel. It's not humor. You're just trying to push your own political agenda.

  • SpruceWells
    SpruceWells years ago

    Seth... Shows like yours is why I cut my cable subscription. Good riddance to you.

  • Hobie Humphrey
    Hobie Humphrey years ago

    seriously i dont care who wins your spot on healthcare was not accurate i have private insurance and my deductible is 13000 thats what we need to fix

  • Moorland Moss
    Moorland Moss years ago

    One of my favorite shows..Thank you..I'm a motovlogger here in Portland Or..just riding around and filming things and making quirky videos :-) Love your channel

  • Hakiku
    Hakiku years ago

    just another john oliver knock off

  • cavscout888
    cavscout888 years ago

    The Clinton Shill Show!

  • the oracle
    the oracle years ago

    show me a man with a tattoo and i will show you a man with an interesting past

  • KingKang
    KingKang years ago

    Post more videos please! I love your show Seth!

  • Sunny Bhardwaj
    Sunny Bhardwaj years ago

    Hi Seth,
    Please show more of Jill Stein, maybe an exclusive interview. 21 Days remaining and HE and SHE are not the options obviously. YOU have the power to turn this around. Do it for America and let them decide, please!!!

  • maegap96
    maegap96 years ago

    seth is a pathetic little man.

    • Billy C
      Billy C 10 months ago

      Then why are you on this page? No one is forcing you.

  • D B
    D B years ago

    Seth is awesome but geez...Enough of 100% politics!

  • Davo
    Davo years ago

    So you gonna cover any of the leaks, try to minimize the content, or are you going to flat out pretend they are not out there?

  • TheGeniuschrist
    TheGeniuschrist years ago

    who's messing with the playlists, and why? i use those playlists.

  • Abir Ahmed
    Abir Ahmed years ago

    Hey Seth,waiting for the closer look video on Donald Trumps latest screw up,make it fast man :p

  • Jager VonKruger
    Jager VonKruger years ago

    In "Mike Pence Pretends Donald Trump Isn't His Running Mate: A Closer Look" You chopped up clips of Mr.Trump and lied. This is why I don't watch Late Night anymore.

    • Jager VonKruger
      Jager VonKruger years ago

      +TheGeniuschrist Excellent, for a minute there I thought you'd be just another slack off piece of internet garbage with no backbone or social skills.

    • TheGeniuschrist
      TheGeniuschrist years ago

      +Jager VonKruger i'll get right on that.

    • Jager VonKruger
      Jager VonKruger years ago

      +TheGeniuschrist LOL! No child, this isn't fantasy, Sci-Fi or Conspiracy nonsense, It's just technology. But if you don't believe me, go look for yourself, the information is out there. Hell I didn't believe it myself until I looked and I'm about as UN-tech savvy as they come.

    • TheGeniuschrist
      TheGeniuschrist years ago

      +Jager VonKruger well, it sounds like you live in a very tangible make-believe world. i'll leave you to it.
      where have i left my tinfoil hat?

  • JB Mann
    JB Mann years ago

    Seth, most of your recent shows are hilarious. Really enjoyed them!!!
    Hey, any chance you might be tempted to "Trump" into the future, and create a segment on Trump's pretended to be president? Or what he might be like? With all recent developments, you should have a treasure trove of materials.
    Your segment on Trump is the actual perpetrator of his three(3) pages Tax return is dead-on the mark. The guy must be boiling and steaming mad after losing his debate to a well-educated woman. And couldn't sleep too well.
    He must have felt a tremendous pressure to release his record, and the only way to appease his crowd and American public is to release a tiny portion by himself, which he thought no one could figure out his genius. But it backfired. Topping it off, his genius turned out to be his accountants did all the works for him.
    That was a great segment!

  • تغيرات العالم

    I cant anderstind

  • defar666
    defar666 years ago

    Seth Meyers, Great Show, I do have a question or two for You and your Great Team at Late Night. Where are the Proud Americans that got their jobs back when donald trump stopped outsourcing his own products and brought those jobs back to America? I would love to see those People. Maybe they could be Interviewed? i dont now just saying just saying

  • elle S
    elle S years ago

    Great job keep it up great delivery

  • Marilyn Britton
    Marilyn Britton years ago

    Seth, I'm so proud of you confronting Trump and his racism. You rock kiddo. love you

  • The Banter
    The Banter years ago

    attention Seth Meyers. You're getting so many wonderful comments on your politically charged videos. BUT, there's just one little problem. They're all Communist trolls. Hmmm. Now, why would a bunch of communists be showing their support for the likes of Seth Meyers, Steve Colbert, and Trevor Noah? Bottom line: although the republicans are far from perfect, they don't get support from thousands of Communist trolls.
    By the way, these Communists post comments using fictitious profiles. You might think he's a young African American, when in fact, he's an employee of George Soros or another similar group.

  • Kuchi Saké
    Kuchi Saké years ago

    where the hell is the Cenk Uygur video???

    • kodguerrero
      kodguerrero years ago

      I can see it's on the actual webpage but can't watch it cuz I'm Canada >_>

  • Graeme Walker
    Graeme Walker years ago

    where the hell is the Cenk Uygur video???

    • Your Jesus: Second Seal: World War 3 - THEBOOKOFTRUTH
      Your Jesus: Second Seal: World War 3 - THEBOOKOFTRUTH 9 months ago

      God the Father:
      Let not one man amongst you be ignorant of My Justice
      Wednesday, November 5th, 2014 @ 13:30
      My dearest daughter, love Me and
      know that I love and cherish all My children. Know too, however, that My
      Justice is to be feared. Let not one man amongst you be ignorant of My Justice,
      for it will be unleashed like a terrifying storm and it will sweep away the
      souls of those who refuse My Mercy.
      My anger is unknown to many, but
      know this. If a man who knows Me, blasphemes against the Holy Spirit, I will
      never forgive him. Nothing can, nor will, change this fact, for such a man has
      chosen his own fate and there can be no reconciliation. To the man, who stands
      up before Me and justifies the taking of life, know that his own life will be
      taken by Me. If a man sells his soul to Satan, I cannot take it back, for he
      becomes one with the evil one. When a man, who speaks in the Name of My Son,
      Jesus Christ, destroys the souls of those who are Mine, he will be cast away by
      Me for eternity. Fear now My Wrath, for I will punish every soul who defies My
      Will to the end.
      You must not fear the Second
      Coming of My Son, for this is a Gift. You must not fear, either, any suffering,
      which you may endure before that day, for this will be short-lived. Fear only
      for the souls of those I cannot save and who will not have any desire to save
      themselves. They are the souls who know I exist but who chose instead My enemy
      over Me.
      I will intervene in many ways to
      save those who do not know Me at all. I will strip bare the souls of those
      who defy every Law I made and they will endure the pain of Hell, and Purgatory,
      on this earth. By this, they will become purified and they will be grateful
      to Me for showing them this Mercy now. Far better they endure this now than
      suffer for eternity in union with the evil one. You must never question My
      Ways, because all that I do is for the good of My children, so that they can be
      with Me for a life of Eternal Glory.
      My punishment, to be cast upon
      man, pains Me. It breaks My Heart, but it is necessary. All this pain will be
      forgotten about and light will destroy darkness. Darkness will no longer cast
      its terrible curse upon My children. I tell you this for you are being led into
      a terrible darkness through the deceit of the devil. Unless I inform you of the
      consequences, you will have no future in My Paradise.
      How quickly all memory of My
      Commandments has been forgotten. How quickly man falls from Grace when he fails
      to uphold My Word.
      Your beloved Father

      the Most High

  • S
    S years ago

    Shittiest late night show host in existence.

  • tate m
    tate m years ago

    What is the music at the end of your videos?  Thanks!