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    RSAUTOSWITCHER_COM 18 days ago

    Sweet channel m8

    GIGGLR 23 days ago

    I am a generous comment Scrooge.

  • The Fabsisters
    The Fabsisters 26 days ago

    great channel

  • CCGtv
    CCGtv months ago

    Hey, I just looked at your channel you have some dope content ! Check out some of my videos and subscribe if you like the content. Thanks for your time !!!

  • Maz Dela Cerna
    Maz Dela Cerna 2 months ago

    People dont realise how much work goes into maing vlogs... respect!!

  • pedvlogs
    pedvlogs 2 months ago

    your videos make my day better! i post similar content. i would appreciate it if you went and checked out my channel!!

  • Avoriliz10
    Avoriliz10 3 months ago

    Hey! lets do a collab! i love ur channel

  • G.V Unfolded
    G.V Unfolded 3 months ago

    Your channel is great!! I have a pretty good channel myself, check it out and give me a feed back (:

  • Steven Barton
    Steven Barton 6 months ago

    keep up the great channel

  • Dana Prieto
    Dana Prieto 10 months ago

    Looking for the best hamburger in Tulsa OK? Check out this video!

  • Full Docs Pepe
    Full Docs Pepe 11 months ago

    Who is this man, I see you in memes all the time, but now I have found you.

  • mrnickless
    mrnickless 11 months ago I'm a struggling musician but had this crazy keyboard session tonight and hoped you might use it or parts of it for something. Or for just the sake of more people being able to hear it.

  • The  Suburbs
    The Suburbs 11 months ago

    Casey Neistat inspired me to start a channel... I don't have much uploaded yet but there is more to come. If you like please consider subscribing! Thanks Casey, love your videos:

  • agozonal3 Plays
    agozonal3 Plays 11 months ago

    Casey is at 6,000,000 subs!

  • Cloud LGS
    Cloud LGS 11 months ago

    What's up Casey! Just wanted to let you know I'm both happy and impressed that your doing LIVE 360! Originally I thought you were using the Vuze or Orah4i on that Leonardo YouTube video. Let me know what 360 camera is your favorite and if your planning on doing some LIVE Streaming! We're big fans over here at @CloudLGS in Scottsdale!

  • HristoDakov
    HristoDakov 11 months ago

    CaseyNeistatNetwork.... soon

  • Jomar Rivera
    Jomar Rivera 11 months ago

    Hey Casey,

    My names Jomar Rivera and im a huge fan just like everyone that watches your videos. I have my own few cameras myself and initially I focused on photography I didnt care about videos and never wanted to shoot any lol. I went way back to the first videos you've uploaded and decided I want to watch every last video you've uploaded. When I noticed how many there was I thought to myself I dont have this kind of time so I watched a few from the very begging and then ended skipping to the very first vlog and just started from there instead. I learned quite bit more about you, which is awesome because in a few ways I can relate to the circumstances you had to deal with. For instance I'm 22 years old and I had y first kid about two years ago. Scariest thing I've had to go through in my life thus far. Yet watching your videos and finding out you had a son at 17 made everything just so much easier and made me love the position i'm in so much more and the love I have for my son is beyond incredible and I just wanna be able to give him everything I can be able to travel with him which I will one day but thats besides the point. My pops isn's a bad guy but growing up he just wasnt around because he was in the service always deployed. So I never really had a great relationship with him and watching your videos in a way showed an ideal father son bond. It kinda just made me look at my situation entirely different and I would never want to change the fact that I had a son even though me and the mother are separated. It was very tough at first , but now its the only thing I look forward too is being with my little guy. Your videos also inspired me to make videos myself slowly getting better and the greatest part is im recording all these memories. Unlike a picture which is worth a thousand words a video is worth ??? It's priceless... Photography and videography is truly what I love to do day in and day out although im not getting pad or anything for either. I know that one day I will and as much as I'd love to continue writing to you ... Sadly I have to leave to go to work-_____- whether you know it or not your'e changing other peoples lives with the videos you've uploaded or at least views on life.. I speak for myself anyways haha.
    I hope one day I come across you and actually get to meet you. Hope all is well and take care.

    Thanks for your time and awesome vieos,

    CW NULL 11 months ago

    Safe travels. You know many cultures claim to have originated the tale of Santa but only one is correct.

  • Missile Defender
    Missile Defender 11 months ago

    thank you

    NEXTWAVE 11 months ago

    congrats on 6 million

  • Adam Mannes
    Adam Mannes 11 months ago

    Happy 6 mill casey!

  • movie channel
    movie channel 11 months ago

    congrats casey you just reached 6 million subscribers make a new video on reaching 6 million subscribers:) :) :) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • FriendFilmsTheWorld
    FriendFilmsTheWorld 11 months ago

    Congrats on 6 million subscribers. Your hard work deserves it.

  • austin angelo
    austin angelo 11 months ago

    congrats on the 6 million subs :)

  • Sludge Bomb
    Sludge Bomb 11 months ago

    Casey, at least once every 3 days just do 1 vlog at least every 3 days. 1 day to film one day to edit and take a break the next day. PLEASE

  • The Uncomfy Couch
    The Uncomfy Couch 11 months ago

    Congrats on 6mil

  • David Haney
    David Haney 11 months ago


  • Michał S.
    Michał S. 11 months ago

    6 000 000 subscribers. Congratulations Casey :D

  • Tarek Zeinoun
    Tarek Zeinoun 11 months ago

    Casey this one is partially inspired by your works

  • GlenJnr
    GlenJnr 11 months ago

    6 million subscribers!! Congrats Casey!

  • Veciito Chotso Vlog
    Veciito Chotso Vlog 11 months ago

    Hi.. I 'm here to ask for your help to please help me grow my Channels.. So can you please, please, help me up.. I beg you..

  • Vlad Petre
    Vlad Petre 11 months ago

    Hey Casey. This is what I was thinking today : Everybody wants to sell more, but you only have websites and aps for picture/text products. When we all know that teleshopping was always there, doing very good in sales. What what is you can make an app, for people to sell their products with video. Record with a phone, and put easy titles and watermarks. Sure they can upload their videos on youtube after, but in this app you can search for whatever product you want, in your area ( exactly as amazon, or other sites ) but this time, you can see a video of the real product for sale( max 60 long ). This was just a thought. I'd love to work with you in developing this idea with your team. But that is up to you! Best regards!

  • 69daber
    69daber 11 months ago

    6 milionů!!! Blahopřeji!!!

  • Rayll
    Rayll 11 months ago

    Wooohooo! 6m subs! Missing you tho :'(

  • Nidheeshdas Thavorath
    Nidheeshdas Thavorath 11 months ago


  • SkushayGvozdikov
    SkushayGvozdikov 11 months ago

    Just reached 6M+ subs!

  • Why Is Will On Fire?
    Why Is Will On Fire? 11 months ago


  • phiniels
    phiniels 11 months ago


  • Erica Au
    Erica Au 11 months ago

    please watch my videos

  • Ivan B
    Ivan B 11 months ago

    6 million

  • Zaid Allam
    Zaid Allam 11 months ago

    You know whats funny?
    Casey has a Pepper Pig episode in his Adventure movies playlist.
    Guess thats what happens when you run a youtube channel and have a baby XD

  • Itay Yermiahu
    Itay Yermiahu 11 months ago

    almost 6 million !! getting close

  • Printgestalt
    Printgestalt 11 months ago

    Still like to hear news about your stuff. Your perspective and also your perspective about tech is interesting. Good that u can enjoy your private life a bit more now. :) Have a good time.

  • WWW
    WWW 11 months ago

    Casey, what is your current recommendation for shooting camera & pocket camera? I've seen your older vlogs where you use Canon a lot, not exactly glowing with positive reviews about them... but what do you currently use? Canon still? I'm looking to make some new purchases. Please advise. Much appreciated!! David in Germany!

  • Angelo Lariccia
    Angelo Lariccia 11 months ago

    6 million subs vlog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Shash
    Shash 11 months ago

    casey I can't wait for your new big production movie thing! when is it coming out? I miss the vlogs too, it's your future your life. We are just enjoying it.

  • Timothy Corkery
    Timothy Corkery 11 months ago

    what is the genre of music that you use in ur videos??

  • Danny Boy Jango
    Danny Boy Jango 11 months ago

    Do you ever miss your family from 40,000 years ago? Does it make you sad when you see neanderthal remains?

  • Studio Play
    Studio Play 11 months ago


  • Keith Hecker
    Keith Hecker 11 months ago

    I have a question about making vlogs! I know most people vlog every day of their lives and such. However, how fare should a person vlog their lives? Is there limits to how much they are will to share or a leave of content they should or should not share? Can u make a video about this to as well please?

  • jlpostpro
    jlpostpro 11 months ago

    Hey Casey! I made a back to the airport montage of you not to long ago. I wanted to make sure you got the chance to see it!

  • Guatty Lewis
    Guatty Lewis 11 months ago

    thank you s much for doing the vlogs. some of your vlogs actually inspired me to start my own YouTube channel. we all thank you for the work you have done :)

  • AydinYoruk
    AydinYoruk 11 months ago

    i liked you before it was cool.

  • Ollie
    Ollie 11 months ago

    Have to admit, I miss your videos.

  • Heaven
    Heaven 11 months ago

    im unsubbed, he sold out.

  • exactlyrightperson
    exactlyrightperson 11 months ago

    Upload Casey, you said you will keep YouTubing.

  • Derek Hunter
    Derek Hunter 11 months ago

    Sooooo new Macbook pro with touch bar or no? Never got the follow up video!

  • Monsoon play's games
    Monsoon play's games 11 months ago


  • Julianne Rosa
    Julianne Rosa 11 months ago

    CASEY I saw you in #youtuberwind!!!!!!!!!
    It was AWESOME!!!!

  • Sir Chilliam Ace
    Sir Chilliam Ace 11 months ago

    *Criminal News Network*
    *Give me a slice of that slippery cheesy pizza little pasta.*
    *( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)*

  • Mason Nordike
    Mason Nordike 11 months ago

    He was in YT Rewind OMG

  • Ethan Skinner
    Ethan Skinner 11 months ago

    I miss the vlogs so much!!!!

  • Ishtar Bruintjes
    Ishtar Bruintjes 11 months ago

    awesome youtube rewind video this year Casey! even tho I haven't been around for a long time, i'd like to thank you for all the content you've created for us. that been said, I think its sad to see the vlog go, i hope something awesome will take its place. and again thank you!

  • JyL Marketing Group
    JyL Marketing Group 11 months ago

    DAMN YOU CASEY!!! (In a good way)

  • Biggy Smalls
    Biggy Smalls 11 months ago

    It's amazing that even though he has stopped hid vlogs, he's subscriptions has grown to nearly 6 million!!

  • Siddarrth World Blablabla

    going to get 6million subs come on we all r missing u casey neistat do u think i should call u sir but no i feel u as my family member casey love u miss u.

  • Jordan Cheema
    Jordan Cheema 11 months ago

    Casey Neistat, one of the only people on this platform to upload a video every day and know its going to be extremely well supported, and know that its going to get more views than most of the most popular people on the platform get in 2 videos, ends what he does almost too well... how does one pull that off

  • Anthony Gosler
    Anthony Gosler 11 months ago

    Casey dude, I'm not happy... I get that the vlogs were getting too intense, but we need more stuff! You are like the main reason for 5.939.558 people to check out YouTube every day!

  • ostreds
    ostreds 11 months ago

    he closed the daily vlog and he jumped to almost 6,000,000 subs. Will he have a balloon party in his office at 6,000,000??

  • Felipe valderrama
    Felipe valderrama 11 months ago

    I don't know why i still do this but I come to this channel every afternoon and morning hoping that theres a video.

  • Federico Pepe
    Federico Pepe 11 months ago

    You have made your channel what you wanted it to be like, If youtube is really your living then you should listen to what the viewers think.
    Ask on twitter, let's see how many people want the blogs back
    LIKE TO BRING CASEY'S VLOGS BACK! Go Casey, we believe in you.

  • I am Daryl
    I am Daryl 11 months ago

    Im starting my own Vlog, if anyone reading this is interested, come across and watch.

  • Andrei Pinter
    Andrei Pinter 11 months ago

    totally given up on this channel but happy for you and your new pursuits.

  • Jarrett Hanis
    Jarrett Hanis 11 months ago

    Casey you have been there for me on the roughest of times and I had only found your channel not that long ago you had helped me with stress from school I aspired to be like you I hope you find your way back to YouTube and posting a little more frequently cause I miss you and you where the only thing I had pulling me through hard times and know I need something else to rely on hope you start posting a little more frequently and I know that YouTube was taking to much of your time but please come back all thousand of us miss you cause you've grown this huge channel when there's hundreds of thousands of people who wish they could just have a taste of what you have

  • Mike Graham
    Mike Graham 11 months ago

    Done with Casey, we were duped to obtain the almighty dollar, unsubscribed and I will never watch him again, and I tell all my friends

  • Billy Bumfuck
    Billy Bumfuck 11 months ago

    Too bad you're such a douche bag

  • Sloppy Joe
    Sloppy Joe 11 months ago

    this channel is shit

  • Mary-Jane Watson
    Mary-Jane Watson 11 months ago


  • panos grom
    panos grom 11 months ago

    missing daily vlogss!! :(

  • Carson Grover
    Carson Grover 11 months ago

    plz come back with the daily vlogs casey

  • jackstrongbow
    jackstrongbow 11 months ago

    Film Tonight Is NERVE !!!

  • Brianna Short
    Brianna Short 11 months ago


  • Black lives matter
    Black lives matter 11 months ago

    Nathan Figueroa is Pre op, not post op.

  • Black lives matter
    Black lives matter 11 months ago

    please don't leave.. well, at least i still have Nathan Figueroa to watch.

  • Roy Arad
    Roy Arad 11 months ago

    Casey, can you make a video about how you organize all your files and video footage?
    How do you find a small scene from old footage if you want to add it to a new video you make?
    thank you!

  • Anya Ellis
    Anya Ellis 11 months ago

    Missing you

  • Tournier Basile
    Tournier Basile 11 months ago

    near 6 millions followers !
    wow congrats casey !
    I hope to see you in vlog soon... you miss us casey come back !!!!!!

  • The Random Bros
    The Random Bros 11 months ago


  • SWiP Productions
    SWiP Productions 11 months ago

    Hello Casey ,
    I'm from Saudi Arabia ,and my English not very good
    so please open the translate on your videos ( CC ),thanks

  • Sachin Tribhuwan
    Sachin Tribhuwan 11 months ago

    Almost 6 million :)

  • Bucket List
    Bucket List 11 months ago

    go sub to mtb maine

  • Elijah Gonzalez
    Elijah Gonzalez 11 months ago

    Hey Casey new subscriber any possible way you can tell me how people just send you drones. I'm trying to get my hands on one such as the Dji mavick

  • Brianna Short
    Brianna Short 11 months ago

    casey if you see this plz comment to my comment I might be moving to the board line down south of new York maybe we can meet if I do move down that way. you are funny, you make me laugh. I am a new fan saw couple of your videos and got hooked fast so keep up the good work

  • John Salata
    John Salata 11 months ago

    everyones so salty about CNN, I say congratulations with the new business endeavor. Good luck, looking forward to more content by you!

  • Jesse Bissonette
    Jesse Bissonette 11 months ago

    Whatever CNN tells you to say, just say the exact oposite. Everyone knows your a sellout paid mouth piece now.
    No matter what u say people will reject you like your walter cronkite. Enjoy oyur sell out money, cuz you lost all your value.

  • TheLollisoft
    TheLollisoft 11 months ago

    One of the most important videos is this: The Vietnam Notebook. No money can give you back your own time with your dad (remembering that time) if you haven't had it. Good luck with your company. I enjoyed some of your videos the last months.

  • Thailand Streets 360
    Thailand Streets 360 11 months ago

    He is gonna make vlog again. Vlog is addiction.

  • Silas Thaysen Kjær
    Silas Thaysen Kjær 11 months ago


  • crazy doc
    crazy doc 11 months ago

    Casey will have 6 millions subscribers while he is not uploading any videos!!! What a grate man

  • Yusuf Rihabe
    Yusuf Rihabe 11 months ago

    my name is JEFF

  • Chemaddicts
    Chemaddicts 11 months ago

    Casey now lets turn CNN in to daily vlogging channel ....................

  • nhu ngoc
    nhu ngoc 11 months ago

    that what I need

  • Caznow
    Caznow 11 months ago

    plz check this out im trying to get help for my mother.

  • Mr. D'Angelo
    Mr. D'Angelo 11 months ago

    CONGRATS ON 6 MLN SUBS!!! Proud to be one of them!!! (Just saying it beforehand =)

  • Michael Meehan
    Michael Meehan 11 months ago

    Thanks for inspiring me Casey! You never know what an opportunity will bring you until you take that 1st step into it. Best wishes for much success in your new adventure with CNN! Can't wait to see your vlog on entrepreneurship!

  • CaptainBellyStinkwater
    CaptainBellyStinkwater 11 months ago

    you just sold your soul for 25 mio$. Congrats satan.

  • Yisdel Acuña Guerra
    Yisdel Acuña Guerra 11 months ago

    Good good

  • Iwo Kowański
    Iwo Kowański 11 months ago

    Well, for whatever reasons he was doing vloging. It was fun.

  • Nitro Prime
    Nitro Prime 11 months ago

    casey quit vloging and now works for cnn.... WHAT!!!!!!!

  • Green Faerie Growers
    Green Faerie Growers 11 months ago

    You sold your soul to CNN for 25 mil. I'm out homie, enjoy the ride......

  • Josiah Everson
    Josiah Everson 11 months ago

    I respect your decision, but honestly I don't think I can live without your daily videos.

  • Rafael Rodriguez
    Rafael Rodriguez 11 months ago

    CNN ------- OK"-----!!!

  • A. Maximo Gonzales
    A. Maximo Gonzales 11 months ago

    Just read this Casey Now I understand! Good luck on your new adventure!

  • George Kim
    George Kim 11 months ago

    dammit he could've gotten 6 mil subs. too late anyways...

  • zak55555
    zak55555 11 months ago

    casey I feel that I deserve some of that 25 mill, I'll settle for half thou since im cool

  • Ashley Muzik
    Ashley Muzik 11 months ago

    I just got an email from Beme that its shutting down?

  • Jason H
    Jason H 11 months ago

    CNN? Really?
    a Saturday Night Live skit comes to mind

  •  11 months ago


  • Jimmy Buck
    Jimmy Buck 11 months ago

    Mr. Neistat, you inspire me. I hope by appreciating enough of your work I can somehow absorb some of your ethos into my own. I hope you are having a good day!

  • Hugh Shaftner
    Hugh Shaftner 11 months ago

    Guys, Casey doesn't care about you. He isn't going to answer any of these comments on this page. He cares about that sweet dolladollabillsyall and it's always been that way.

  • Double-N Productions LTD

    Casey Neistats phone number is (212) 608-6903

  • Graham Haines
    Graham Haines 11 months ago

    Casey Neistat... what an interesting man. Even though I disagreed with a lot of his social and political views, he found a way to make me love and respect him. I miss his vlogs a lot, we all do.

  • ChopStickZero
    ChopStickZero 11 months ago

    And in the end, he shows his true colors... Hope 25 mil is enough. Though im thinking it wont be.

    • Skaterfreak 76
      Skaterfreak 76 11 months ago

      he would make about a couple million dollars this year if he didn't leave lets be nice and say Casey owns half the company so he got 12.5 dollars he would have got that in maybe 4 years if he was a sell out that only cared about money he would have stayed not lef

  • Lordmoff
    Lordmoff 11 months ago

    the question is now if the vlogs ending and the cnn deal have a correlation

  • victor v
    victor v 11 months ago

    when are you gonna tell us you sold Beme to CNN?

  • Colin
    Colin 11 months ago

    Miss your vlogs!!

  • johnny1893
    johnny1893 11 months ago

    ''“A huge part of my particular audience sees news and media as largely broken,” Mr. Neistat said in an interview. “''
    So you sold your 6 million sub to CNN for 25 million... Sellout?

  • johnny1893
    johnny1893 11 months ago

    This guy is a prime example of human garbage on You Tube.
    Stay with CNN... A cool and young media company!

  • ph4nt0m
    ph4nt0m 11 months ago

    Cool to see the vietnam video! Keep it up man!

  • χάος
    χάος 11 months ago


  • Charlie Moses
    Charlie Moses 11 months ago

    Congratulations, Casey. Good luck on your new adventure. I'll be watching.

  • hypnocilicdreams
    hypnocilicdreams 11 months ago

    No wonder he ended the vlog! He just sold Beme for 25million. All about that money-money! lol

  • Porter Lopata
    Porter Lopata 11 months ago

    start the blog again!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • vincentnnyc
    vincentnnyc 11 months ago

    i knew it was bs about why he quits daily vlogging. it always about the $$$. just follow the $$$ and u know why most ppl do what what they do...u disappoint me casey.

  • Scott Lothrop
    Scott Lothrop 11 months ago

    Now we know why Casey suddenly shut down his vlog ... He may have had over 5 million subscribers and every one of his daily vlogs had 2 million views ... BUT he had 25 million ($$) reasons to shut it (and Beme) down after his sale to CNN.
    While I'm happy for him, I still feel kind of used.

  • Jacob Chavis
    Jacob Chavis 11 months ago

    Your time has come.....

  • Simon Greenidge
    Simon Greenidge 11 months ago

    Now that he's been bought by CNN we at last know the real reason why he's been so distracted.
    Depending on what CNN wants, Casey and YouTube might not remain friends for much longer.

    MY YOUTUBE STORY 11 months ago


    • Ruth Beer
      Ruth Beer 11 months ago

      if you had a failing company, would you NOT sell it for $25 million?

  • SeanMeals
    SeanMeals 11 months ago

    Does anyone know what video it was when Casey explained how he manages to save his footage and find it so easily? Plz help i can't find it.

  • matt albert
    matt albert 11 months ago


  • StephanBacon
    StephanBacon 11 months ago

    Congrats on selling your company. Good luck on its future!

  • Edgar Yee
    Edgar Yee 11 months ago

    Congrats on your CNN deal. I guess you won't have to worry about paying college tuition for your kids or buying that home in LA for your family - but you'll miss the city and the fall colors of New England. (PS - I hope you reconsider and do an occasional vlog here and there.)

  • Marc Prieur
    Marc Prieur 11 months ago

    Congrats Casey Well done

  • Fawzia Qaderi
    Fawzia Qaderi 11 months ago

    I hate him

  • Bruce Keintz
    Bruce Keintz 11 months ago

    I wouldn't expect to see anything here anytime soon since he has sold his soul to CNN

  • ostreds
    ostreds 11 months ago

    $25,000,000 reasons not to do a daily VLOG.....damn!

    • pat mcd
      pat mcd 11 months ago

      He's been like that his whole life actually. Look at his videos with Obama.

    • Last First
      Last First 11 months ago

      its all making sense now. Kinda disappointing, but at the same time ask ur self what would u do? Be completely honest, Its easy to say no i wouldn't do that when the offers not on your table.

    • Foxglove
      Foxglove 11 months ago

      no shit. seems like we know what's more important to Casey now.

    • Frn Msr
      Frn Msr 11 months ago

      +Splendido Splendente esatto

    • Splendido Splendente
      Splendido Splendente 11 months ago

      25M from CNN. No wonder why he wanted you to vote for CNN's candidate LOL

  • J.F. Houpert
    J.F. Houpert 11 months ago

    Does your stopping the vlog have anything to do with the CNN acquisition?

  • Gratz Studios
    Gratz Studios 11 months ago

    Casey, bro come back!!!!!

  • sean huntley
    sean huntley 11 months ago

    casey. i admit i was a little bummed to find that you stopped/sortof endedish your vlog. i found the experience akin to the day i found out that banjo players are not musicians (bela fleck rules). might i make a recommendation/ suggestion/request. how about 3 videos a month.

  • Ferdinand Zebua
    Ferdinand Zebua 11 months ago

    Wow! Congrats, Casey...
    This sounds like an acqui-hire... and so Beme is to be shut down? Another thought for Casey, maybe do some sort of collab with Philip De Franco, since this new CNN Project seems to be something about news?
    And most certainly I hope you don't stop making your own movies. And of course, best wishes & best of luck. :)

  • chahansa
    chahansa 11 months ago

    Come on Casey..Where are you ? We miss you and family.

  • kanugrahan Akbar
    kanugrahan Akbar 11 months ago

    iam waiting your new videos, i thought thats be a really great

  • ART & PICS
    ART & PICS 11 months ago

    Casey please come back i love your vlogs

  • Rohan Merchant
    Rohan Merchant 11 months ago

    @casey when is your next video expected?

  • Eduardus Arma Oktaviryandi

    come on casey!

  • BrandonMelville
    BrandonMelville 11 months ago

    WHY?! WHY?! WHY?!

  • Acro Bros
    Acro Bros 11 months ago

    wheres he gone

  • waltermeramelo
    waltermeramelo 11 months ago

    vietnam movie?


    life just aint worth it without the vlogs fam

  • Jenny O'Brien
    Jenny O'Brien 11 months ago

    can you couple vlogs on each week please

    • LinkHylian
      LinkHylian 11 months ago

      Ikr. At least weekly, at most monthly.

  • MR RlCE
    MR RlCE 11 months ago

    Unsubbing now, came for the consistent amazing content. Now there is no content. Sorry Casey.

  • Myles O'Howe
    Myles O'Howe 11 months ago

    I've been vlogging since 2012 but I started daily this year, it's hard work I just got a quality camera this spring! I work in a wood shop so it's not like I just YouTube for my career, my story is unique I am still looking for a girlfriend, I struggle and im making the documentary Overpriced! I had a really bad experience on a dating website, girls haven't responded in years they only date guys who don't support ending cannabis prohibition for real There are gangs and organized crime against how cannabis can be cheaper than meat I report on info in my vlog and even Casey Showed The GodFather playing in most of his Vlogs.

  • Ben Masta
    Ben Masta 11 months ago

    just thought id let you know i will actively avoid anything you ever do.
    I wasnt a fan before, but you have made yourself an anti-fan for being such a tool lol

  • PurifyHD
    PurifyHD 11 months ago

    Definitely will miss the vlogs, but I am excited for what's to come.

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  • Ben Jean
    Ben Jean 11 months ago

    Hi Casey! just wondered if you would review the airdog auto drone? I saw them on kickstarter ages ago but never, and probably will never have the funds to get one, but I still wondered what they are like! really missing your videos, but I hope you and everyone is doing well

  • ziad tamerni
    ziad tamerni 11 months ago

    i miss you casey , please come back :'( :(

  • Trom Benny Bone
    Trom Benny Bone 11 months ago

    Man, you had the best vlogs! But at least you aren't leaving YouTube. (I hope.)

  • JR Nelson
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    Wait a minute hes stopping so he can make money without doing nothing

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    David Lewis 11 months ago

    Was so inspired by Casey, I started my own channel and made three vlogs the day he stopped. Happy to

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    FissecatOriginals 11 months ago

    I am so looking forward to your next film ;D

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    Daniel Eves 11 months ago

    i enjoyed your work, every bit of it. I hope you find all your dreams in the future Casey Neistat, you helped me find mine.

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    Ryan Hemlock 11 months ago

    I miss you Casey... You were my inspiration to make movies. Ya still are

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    luke Jackson 11 months ago

    Wwe top 10

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  • Chino
    Chino 11 months ago

    Casey, I was wondering if you could make a comparison between the new Phantom 4 PRO and the Mavic Pro. I want to buy my first drone and it's a really hard decision.

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    romabe10 11 months ago

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    DerParadonym 11 months ago

    Whats hurting most on missing videos is the drone imagery from New York... reverse-watching his vlogs doesn't really helps a lot....

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    Branden Strochinsky 11 months ago

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