• Published on: 13 ноя 2017
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    ad disclosure. THIS IS NOT AN AD. not selling or promoting anything. but samsung did produce the Shantell Video as a 'GALAXY PROJECT' which is an initiative that enables creators like Shantell and me to make projects we might otherwise not have the opportunity to make. hope that's clear. if not ask in the comments and i'll answer any specifics.
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  • SHANtell martin  

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  • Shraddha Pai
    Shraddha Pai 23 minutes ago

    These 2 are so cute!!!

  • Rafael Veiga
    Rafael Veiga 29 minutes ago

    Casey love that you and Candice are trying to work things out. Give the pod-cast a try! Don’t listen to the haters. It would be a great way to see a different side of both of you.
    Also Shantell’s art is awesome. Please help her with YouTube I’m sure she will definitely do very week on there. And sell those stickers I want some! Lol

  • Carlie Williams
    Carlie Williams 2 hour ago

    Candice's reaction to Casey saying "and then CRUSH the competition" is my exact reaction when my own husband gets some crazy, ambitious idea!!

  • Antonide
    Antonide 2 hour ago


  • Super Sonico
    Super Sonico 2 hour ago

    She drawing the same doodles over and over again

  • Alex Collingwood-Williams

    Wow Shantell's style is so unique

  • Joel Delosreyes
    Joel Delosreyes 3 hour ago

    California ?!! Nice!! Where?

  • Chris Esser
    Chris Esser 3 hour ago

    A screw through the top of the desk surface...I wanted to run outside and try to chop down a tree with my hand. Move that screw to the front edge of the desk and regain use of that whole section.

  • Jessica Bond
    Jessica Bond 4 hour ago

    Do the podcast!!!

  • Steffen Frost
    Steffen Frost 5 hour ago

    Candice remember the comments under Casey's videos are biased as they are from people who are drawn to Casey's youtube videos, they are not from 'an average', or from a group you have chosen to look up to for their experience, wisdom, caring or concern for you. (Only watched the first minute when you mentioned comments in the car).

  • dragan lazarevic
    dragan lazarevic 5 hour ago

    WoooW say whatever you want negative about Casey but like him or not this video he made about Shantell is simply amazing ... Great job ...

  • Philip Grove
    Philip Grove 5 hour ago

    you could literally produce a weekly podcast about the different shades of magnolia and people would crawl across broken glass to get to it. thats not to say people are dumb, its saying that your attitude and personality is so infectious people want more of it.
    DO THE PODCAST...............................

  • God is Kind 123
    God is Kind 123 6 hour ago

    something about you guys i just cant seem to put my finger on it :) In Jesus Name amen

  • missvee027
    missvee027 7 hour ago

    I've always liked Candice.

  • Why Me
    Why Me 7 hour ago

    Lay off the drugs

  • MattLang
    MattLang 8 hour ago

    sounds good

  • Greydon Iselmoe
    Greydon Iselmoe 9 hour ago

    Candice you're fucking awesome. The people that comment negatively are the 1% that feel so strongly and are so warped. You're a wonderful human being. Being someone's motivation is often seen as a burden or unhealthy, it can be great... and don't forget that.

  • UltraWide Gaming
    UltraWide Gaming 9 hour ago

    If you both have issues, lets be real for a moment and say this, it takes two to tango, but one of you will be seen worse than the other by the public and that will probably end up being Candice, because everyone "LOVES" Casey, the main host. I think it might not work out so well if your so effected by comments of others, trolls ect might make this painful.

  • MotoBandit ZA
    MotoBandit ZA 9 hour ago

    Call it C&C Live

  • Camaren Joy
    Camaren Joy 9 hour ago

    I'm interested! I think you're wife is funny btw not bitchy

  • alborz payvandi
    alborz payvandi 11 hour ago

    it's an amazing idea , pls pls go for that, no matter where we are , all are facing some marital issues , and you could share the feelings and practice the remedies, it diffidently works. thnx

  • BassManBobBassCovers
    BassManBobBassCovers 11 hour ago +1

    Weird that videos about your marriage are the most viewed.

  • Mohammed Zubair
    Mohammed Zubair 11 hour ago


  • Hannah Boutilier
    Hannah Boutilier 12 hour ago

    I like Candice. She's the real deal.

  • Quinn Battick
    Quinn Battick 12 hour ago

    Just. Cool

  • JaneMichelleTv
    JaneMichelleTv 12 hour ago

    I love Candice. & I wouldn't move to Ca. So homogenized & cliche here

  • alejandra palacios
    alejandra palacios 13 hour ago

    Love Candice!!

  • AviationGuy
    AviationGuy 13 hour ago

    Awesome Idea!!!

  • wow956
    wow956 13 hour ago

    Oh man, I think I’ve got a good idea of who Candice is and I think people are going to be surprised at how kind she is. Could be wrong but that’s how she comes off to me.

  • Amy Lowery
    Amy Lowery 14 hour ago

    Glad to see you both using resources to build and strengthen your marriage...would love to see the Podcast.

  • Angelica
    Angelica 14 hour ago

    Podcast is a great idea!
    I learn a lot from couples and their experiences on relationships - I think other people will too :)

  • Close to the Earth On-Demand Tech Repair

    I ♥️ Candice she’s so interesting and creative. Sometimes it doesn’t seem like she wants to be recorded *maybe that is something to consider? She’s amazing and her site is super cool. I would subscribe to the podcast.

  • duncanbrodie1
    duncanbrodie1 15 hour ago

    I'll just say it. This drawing sharpie on white surfaces kind of sucks.

  • Ariana G
    Ariana G 15 hour ago

    i think I'm in love with shantell

  • Kayla's House
    Kayla's House 16 hour ago

    I love the idea of a “therapy” podcast!

  • Kevin Marshall
    Kevin Marshall 16 hour ago

    Bruh, you wanna feature a real creator? Feature an engineer, not some artist that is into this new post modernist bullshit.

  • Mike McNamara
    Mike McNamara 16 hour ago

    Good idea, I'll watch that shit

  • Renee Medina
    Renee Medina 16 hour ago

    Dooo it!! And f*+k whoever says Candace is a dud and a B! I love Candace!

  • Jules Sunshine
    Jules Sunshine 16 hour ago

    Idk why everyone is buggin I think her art is cool.

  • MrNicktheshit87
    MrNicktheshit87 17 hour ago

    If you have to see a marriage counselor, your marriage is already over. Who needs someone else to tell them how to love and be happy with their spouse? 😂😂

  • MrNicktheshit87
    MrNicktheshit87 17 hour ago

    How in the world can you call this art?? I made crap like this on windows 98 paint. Just because she’s a cool person doesn’t mean she is talented...stop encouraging talentless people. This is why our country is going into the crapper.

  • alleeum
    alleeum 17 hour ago

    Podcast: Yes. Definitely worth a shot. And given all that you've been through, even before you were married, it has the potential to help a lot of people.

  • thechar_way
    thechar_way 17 hour ago


  • Andrew Tang
    Andrew Tang 17 hour ago

    Are you good at therapy?

  • K3AD
    K3AD 17 hour ago

    Terrible idea

  • Cim Fan
    Cim Fan 18 hour ago


  • Mark Ashford
    Mark Ashford 18 hour ago

    A good idea... Post a link

  • Bruce Hammond
    Bruce Hammond 18 hour ago

    Terrible idea.

  • slsrifle
    slsrifle 18 hour ago

    I’m interested, BUT I don’t know if it’s a good idea. Not a terrible idea though, just a little iffy.

  • Talon Kishi
    Talon Kishi 18 hour ago

    Realize all those people (including me), don't know you and thus don't really matter!
    seems like she doesn't really like the camera. Just seems like it.

  • zak Ere
    zak Ere 19 hour ago

    Awesome idea

  • The Lone Jedi
    The Lone Jedi 20 hour ago

    Do it Casey!!!!

  • Alisa Ongbhaibulya
    Alisa Ongbhaibulya 20 hour ago

    Yes to all of it - podcast, the video, and Shantell is amazing!

  • Macgyrl64
    Macgyrl64 20 hour ago

    Come to California. We have weed!

  • Hunter Scott
    Hunter Scott 20 hour ago


  • mikemoair
    mikemoair 21 час назад

    so success is destroying you? no happy couple needs therapy

  • ashlyncara09
    ashlyncara09 21 час назад

    I think Candice is an awesome person. She doesn't give two fucks about what anyone thinks.

  • Nathan A.
    Nathan A. 21 час назад

    excited for more from Shantell. and stickers. my pen and book is a canvas, and so is my mac lid. haha

  • Drone -AZ.
    Drone -AZ. 21 час назад

    Hu.... she ran away to Japan? How many kids can afford to run away to Japan?

  • Drone -AZ.
    Drone -AZ. 21 час назад

    yes move to California !!!!!!!!

  • Nathan A.
    Nathan A. 21 час назад

    Please do a podcast, I love podcasts and having one of my favorite YouTubers and his wife on a mic for 30 minutes to an hour would be the coolest thing! Woah please do it, be the best Therapy podcasters ever

  • Robin Sherwood
    Robin Sherwood 22 hour ago

    This was quite a moving film. I enjoyed the video and the film very much.

  • Munkhtsatsral Clark
    Munkhtsatsral Clark 22 hour ago

    I think its fantastic idea!!

  • alisa
    alisa 22 hour ago

    do the podcast! your convos with candice are always my fav parts of the vlogs

  • The Style Hutch
    The Style Hutch 23 hour ago

    awww Candice.. I love you guys! so real! I would 100% listen to your podcast..

  • Justin JD7
    Justin JD7 23 hour ago

    thumbs up if shantell should make a clothing line with all of her drawings in white shirts and it'll be the new trend lmao

  • Jennifer Peloquin
    Jennifer Peloquin 23 hour ago

    Casey how do you keep up that energy around Candace? Does she level you out? She seems to suck out all the happy.

  • Angry Drones
    Angry Drones 23 hour ago

    Terrible idea

  • Anders Vevang
    Anders Vevang days ago

    Great idea

  • Ian Wizard
    Ian Wizard days ago

    @casey I hit "Like" at ~30 seconds; I *never* hit like on videos. So, take as an endorsement.
    @candice Regarding public opinion of you: Keep in mind that we only see a *very* small angle of you, which is usually busy and not interested in being in the videos. If 100% of your personality were what's shown publicly, I wouldn't have a high opinion of you, but from older videos and how highly Casey speaks of you I have no doubt that what we see isn't nearly accurate.
    1. Don't read the comments (duh :-P )
    2. If you want public opinion to change, do the podcast and let people get a bit more perspective.

  • yulian rex
    yulian rex days ago

    whaaaaaat $180
    for a that

  • Bethany Ware
    Bethany Ware days ago

    Please do a podcast!!!!! I've seen a few interviews with Candice and I love her! ❤️

  • Cesar Gonzalez
    Cesar Gonzalez days ago

    not terrible idea

  • Rainbow Happyface

    I'd watch it

  • Anahad Parmar
    Anahad Parmar days ago

    Do the podcast !!! We love Candice !

  • TheSleepbad
    TheSleepbad days ago

    I kind of like the lines and ideas from Shantell, but one tip from me as just an art fan, dont limit yourself to black and white art. Add color it

  • K Smith
    K Smith days ago

    Yes!! Podcast!! Candice we love you!!

  • Saeed Alturki
    Saeed Alturki days ago

    I think your art teacher is watching and asking the same question over and over: What are you trying to do my [email protected]¥@

  • bond 007
    bond 007 days ago

    Not terrible

  • Zak Rossaye
    Zak Rossaye days ago

    Fuck yeah

  • bassashley05
    bassashley05 days ago

    I love love LOVE Candice (no offence Casey) and I want... No... NEED that podcast.

  • Nats W.P
    Nats W.P days ago

    Don't know what i'd do if you left New York!! Your vision and view point of the city I grew up dreaming about has made me fall deeply in love with the place I hope I eventually make it to.

  • Michelle Price
    Michelle Price days ago


  • Roxanne Mckeon
    Roxanne Mckeon days ago

    Candice does not always have smile, she has a business and a child to look after and not to mention a husband who has his own business. Candice you are a powerful woman who is owning life. Screw the haters they just jelly 😀

  • Jeff T
    Jeff T days ago

    Bad idea. I think that issues you guys talk about in therapy sessions should be kept private. Marriage is work and some things should be kept private for the good of your marriage. Just my thoughts.

  • K Holloway
    K Holloway days ago


  • Rich Lux
    Rich Lux days ago +1

    casey this is just my opinion please break up with your wife i don't think its meant to be  you can do way better

  • Ivaserv9
    Ivaserv9 days ago

    Would love it. Can dance seems great. Therapy is good don't quit.

  • Lester Haaz
    Lester Haaz days ago

    Candice, you are wonderful. Dont let the non yous get to your nerve. I say Yes to the podcast.

  • Uncomfortable
    Uncomfortable days ago

    Who gives a fuck

  • Sandi Balič
    Sandi Balič days ago

    Art is something it takes years to perfect Like making a catana sword or Caseys moves, balet dancing, Painting a picture or any craft. This is just i dont wannt to say ... My kids are artists then

  • Henry Lavinder
    Henry Lavinder days ago

    terrible idea

  • Danika Leon
    Danika Leon days ago

    I love Candice and would totally listen to that podcast. She's not a dud- she's awesome.

  • Stanley Jones jr
    Stanley Jones jr days ago

    She is awesome!! I love her spirit and her outtake on life.

  • Bruno Zamora Fuentes

    Do it please, I want to hear Casey and Candice podcast!

  • The Bearded Jeeper

    Great idea helping other channels. I know you probably will never see this but if you do just check out one of my videos and let me know what you think. I am trying to bring the world of cinematography to jeep videos. I want to say goodbye to shaky poor resolution videos of off Roading and I want to make amazing videos that everyone wants to see. Good luck with everything you do Casey and glad to see you and Candice are working on things. Communication is the key part of any relationship

  • brittrog16
    brittrog16 days ago

    Do it

  • calamityp
    calamityp days ago

    If I ever have $180 for a cashmere sweater, it's not going to be for one that says "billy" on the sleeve. Candace needs a reality check.