The New SpotMini

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  • Mega Plays
    Mega Plays 8 minutes ago

    exterminator of humans

  • 윤준식
    윤준식 35 minutes ago

    I think I should be learning how to pleasure my robot master

  • Санька Невский

    Хах, ранняя версия "шакала" из WarFrame))))

  • Un petit troll dans les champs

    this dog is a vfx effect... but atlas is incredible

  • sir Reinhardt
    sir Reinhardt 3 hour ago

    can you hurry up and make one big enough to ride yet?

  • Eli Cantwell
    Eli Cantwell 3 hour ago

    But does it djent

  • Chris H.
    Chris H. 4 hour ago

    Where's the arm?

  • TrAdiX ?!
    TrAdiX ?! 4 hour ago

    That's CUTE!!!

    for me

  • Harvey
    Harvey 4 hour ago

    Looks like a mini strider from Half Life 2 Episode 2.

  • D S
    D S 4 hour ago

    this can save your life :

    MGTOW__MONERO__XMR 5 hour ago

    Awwwwwwwwwwww how adorable

  • FlewUp!
    FlewUp! 6 hour ago

    Without a manipulator, is there any practical application to the robot?

  • -たび- TABI
    -たび- TABI 7 hour ago


  • InconsideratePig
    InconsideratePig 7 hour ago

    Can I ride that to school?

  • Ceanna Elouise
    Ceanna Elouise 7 hour ago

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  • Particular Lee
    Particular Lee 9 hour ago


  • Pyroblowout
    Pyroblowout 10 hour ago

    Getting some strong Half Life vibes

  • The Morning Sage
    The Morning Sage 11 hour ago

    At first I'm thinking that's really cool and I want. Then I'm reminded that it's funded by DARPA and the idea is to weaponize this puppy or use it for tactical applications and nit puts into perspective how scary this little dude's ancestor robots will be. War will be very different 25 years from now.

  • nasry nordyn
    nasry nordyn 11 hour ago

    put a machine gun on its back

  • Eisen Gsolf
    Eisen Gsolf 11 hour ago

    This is why I want to get a job in robotics!

  • Cif Waed
    Cif Waed 12 hour ago

    swiggity swooty

  • Michael Funkerton
    Michael Funkerton 14 hour ago

    Very cool! Now it needs flight capabilities.

  • spinning nonsense
    spinning nonsense 14 hour ago

    Send this against islamists! (please!)

    DON'T LOOK AT MY CHANNEL 15 hour ago +1

    Top Ten Best Naruto Runs - 2017 EDITION!!!

  • Viktor Soproni
    Viktor Soproni 15 hour ago

    Úgy törném darabokra mint a szart.

  • Yuri Luedemann
    Yuri Luedemann 15 hour ago

    Cute where do I buy one?!

  • Incuby
    Incuby 16 hour ago

    what the hell carl

  • Fix My Box
    Fix My Box 16 hour ago

    Take my money 💰

  • Pawel Nieważne
    Pawel Nieważne 16 hour ago


  • MineProductionz
    MineProductionz 16 hour ago

    What would tribes think of our modern robots

  • George Sporos
    George Sporos 16 hour ago

    Can it make shit on the grass ?

  • smith
    smith 18 hour ago

    Add to this thing the sound effect of the drone in the film Oblivion and It would be perfect

  • KiriteX
    KiriteX 18 hour ago

    Who thought he‘s gonna run into the „wall“

  • ITechFuture
    ITechFuture 18 hour ago

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  • Clorox Bleach
    Clorox Bleach 18 hour ago

    Drink me

  • wnaps
    wnaps 18 hour ago

    че это блять за киборг и хули он у меня в трендах

    PH3NOM3NAL 19 hour ago

    Just incase the dogs run out.

  • Pascal Noth
    Pascal Noth 19 hour ago

  • Римма Олешкнвич

  • Circuit Breaker
    Circuit Breaker 20 hour ago

    not bad rendering...

  • Esmie Esma
    Esmie Esma 20 hour ago

    oh that's my dog

  • Esmie Esma
    Esmie Esma 20 hour ago

    Oh that's my dog

  • VenomieGaming
    VenomieGaming 20 hour ago

    I came for Robot... Found dog.

  • I am bobby
    I am bobby 20 hour ago

    Is this real or fake

  • Kata Fülöp
    Kata Fülöp 20 hour ago

    I prefer a dog. Thank you.

  • A-OK Let's Play!
    A-OK Let's Play! 20 hour ago

    Horizon Zero Dawn.... this is where it all began xD

  • UnexcitingChris
    UnexcitingChris 20 hour ago

    It's not a real dog, but does that matter? I would get attached to this robot

  • Giovanni Tirratori
    Giovanni Tirratori 20 hour ago

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  • Dualeh Jama
    Dualeh Jama 20 hour ago

    I've never seen nothing more useless than this

  • Ремонт цифровой техники

  • Raphaela Mayr
    Raphaela Mayr 21 час назад

    When it smells like pizza

  • FRANCais
    FRANCais 21 час назад

    Fuck terminator time coming soon.

  • Rainzz FX
    Rainzz FX 21 час назад


  • Salty Teacup
    Salty Teacup 21 час назад

    !!!A GOOD BOY !!!!

  • kosen
    kosen 21 час назад

    Cool the robots have a hunting dog now, thanks boston dynamics

  • M T
    M T 22 hour ago

    But does it blend?

  • M T
    M T 22 hour ago

    we are fucked

  • Twisties T
    Twisties T 22 hour ago

    But but but can it play crisis

  • Naldery
    Naldery 22 hour ago

    The goverment gives millions of dollars and BostonDynamics just creates robot cows

  • Fabio Fuoco
    Fabio Fuoco 22 hour ago

    No está diseñado para que busque un hueso...está diseñado para matar

  • Caritatristexahora O.
    Caritatristexahora O. 22 hour ago

    Ohh my Master Boston Dynamics

  • the chill
    the chill 23 hour ago
    want some money?

  • somjetn sukros
    somjetn sukros 23 hour ago

    idea whellchair for Centaur on mountain 🤔

  • Shree
    Shree 23 hour ago

    Boston fukin creepy dynamics.

  • Dispirited Donuts
    Dispirited Donuts 23 hour ago

    So weird but cool. I can't help but think robots are gonna take over the world tho

  • W Y C
    W Y C 23 hour ago

    why that thing looks so creepy

  • CleancraftenLP
    CleancraftenLP days ago +1

    Element 3D.

  • Robbe Nagel
    Robbe Nagel days ago

    I really like to see the first robot from Boston Dynamics that has a user friendly design! This means we can see these robotics in our daily lives in the near future.

  • Tim Johansson
    Tim Johansson days ago

    Vilka från ben?

  • Bách Phạm Xuân


  • Егор Проскурин

    Я хочу это!

  • One Click Guitar Channel

    Check me out ! What the heck... very cool dog !

  • Konnar Adam
    Konnar Adam days ago

    What are these thing even used for

  • H K
    H K days ago

    Seems like Wall e

  • Suha alnobani
    Suha alnobani days ago

    Am i the only one too Think this robot is cute?

  • Reptile
    Reptile days ago +3


    • Reptile
      Reptile days ago +1

      Like my dinner (if you know what im mean)

  • VT Felton
    VT Felton days ago

    I love her! She is beautiful and doing a great job.

  • Vintality y
    Vintality y days ago +2

    Coming to kill you soon

  • Павел Корольчук

    "Ну что, кожаные ублюдки!? Жить вам осталось не долго!" - говорит робот.

  • Kyle Reese
    Kyle Reese days ago

    Equipped with a weapon and program it to shoot on sight, lets see how cute and cool you think this is, its fucking scary

  • Kyle Reese
    Kyle Reese days ago

    creepy as fuck

  • MrWailFastyx
    MrWailFastyx days ago


  • Marius Schmid
    Marius Schmid days ago

  • ITechFuture
    ITechFuture days ago

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    Hi, my channel has a complete robot review!

  • dvdv7777
    dvdv7777 days ago

    One day, Boston Dynamics will come up with manhacks.

  • ohhkay bye
    ohhkay bye days ago

    A lot of scientists and architects say that for things like robotics to be better they should mimic nature, so these mini's being built like animals is no coincidence

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  • Rhett_Zky Gaming
    Rhett_Zky Gaming days ago

    Spotmini: looks at camera "a yo what up b
    Aight I'm out

  • - -
    - - days ago

    We shall hunt any humans, remotely.

  • Jordan Mntungwa
    Jordan Mntungwa days ago

    Mail delivery on campuses and city squares, Medicine and supply delivery in Large Hospitals, Search and rescue, You've seen the military applications for this bot already in their previous demonstrations, carrying gear and guns and shit. Pizza delivery, Surveying, carrying camera gear, NASA could send Solar powered versions to Mars to cover more ground than their silly Slow motion Rovers.. They could really do so much with these Spotminis... Attach 2 automatic rifles on each side to fire where its 'looking' and a 360 degree rotating turret on the top to Fire in all directions.. or build a giant bus-sized diesel engine powered 3 story high version to transport people across desserts

  • mikkel olsen
    mikkel olsen days ago

    Jens karl

  • Kevin L
    Kevin L days ago


  • MMD
    MMD days ago


  • Kirbae
    Kirbae days ago

    It would be cool to see this helping police

  • FW Lepoared
    FW Lepoared days ago

    Shut up and take my money

  • C. James Dean
    C. James Dean days ago +1

    That creeps me out.

  • azotyp
    azotyp days ago


  • Emily Rose
    Emily Rose days ago

    Put a fur suit on this and boom you’ve got a spy

  • Travis Diamond
    Travis Diamond days ago

    Does it come with a saddle? I only want it if I can ride it in style

  • toamaori
    toamaori days ago

    what did they do to Bumblebee?